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WE Are The Cattle; but Who are the Herders?

In order to explain what I believe to be the identification of these nearly “invisible” ones in control of humanity today, I thought I would provide what my research shows me, and the historical evidence for my conclusions.

The Amorites (also called the Old Babylonians) were an ancient group of people from the territory of modern Syria and the Levant, who spoke a dialect of the Ugaritic (also called Canaanite) language. Around 1990 BC they swarmed the lands of Sumer, crossing over to the sides of the long land bridge that the Sumerians had constructed to keep them out, and gained control over most of the region of Mesopotamia. This spelled the final end of the Sumerian civilization, which had already been weakened by the invading Akkadians and Gutians previously.

The Amorites used the Hurrian and Hittite scribes in the area to translate the large number of cuneiform tablets left by the Sumerians, since they did not have writing skills as far as we know. They were mercenaries and brigands as well as nomadic goat and sheep herders, and were described by their neighbors in the region as thieves and bandits. (The Sumerians, Akkadians, and Egyptians agreed in this assessment).

In order to establish control they quickly assigned new names to the existing gods, changed the goddesses into gods with new names, and generally tried to template the existing and long cultural history of the cities of Sumeria in order to manufacture an extensive cultural history for themselves.

Naturally, since they had no written language, they had to use their oral history to “fill in the gaps” whenever a word or theme in the Sumerian texts was not understood. It is for this reason that many of their written stories sound so much like the Sumerian epics – the truth is that most of those epics were written during this Amorite or Old Babylonian period, and by scribes employed by them. Rewritten is a better term, since they were written down thousands of years earlier by the original Sumerian scholars, but with time many of the meanings were lost to time. Both the Akkadians and the later Amorites retranslated and remade the original epic tales of the Sumerians, as a handy control mechanism over the local population. Fake news had its origins here.

We don’t know for sure if the Sumerians were always completely honest in their recording of historical events, but we do know that their civilization has been much maligned by our modern scholars, perhaps under the influence of Christianity or Science. We know this because several of their original tablets explain that while there were hundreds (or thousands) of gods and goddesses, each group chose one to worship. While they often included other gods and goddesses, there was really only one principal god that each group considered the top god. Much like our modern Christianity, where we have one Creator God, but hundreds of Churches and religious denominations with varying ideas of how that worship should be accomplished. We might choose to worship in a Baptist, Catholic, Jewish or other house of worship, yet we would all recognize one principal or unique God.

In any event, the Sumerians tell us that the Sky Gods sent down several sages or wise men, whose job was to help the humans down below in learning various trades and skills. Each had his or her own area of training and education, all of which was to help bring mankind up to a higher level of understanding and knowledge. This is clear from many examples in their early literature. The Seven Sages were always recorded as helpful, and never as controlling or evil.

We’re also told by the Sumerians that there were two groups that split off from the main – one led by Enki and the other by Enlil. There was a great battle, said to be in the sky. And unfortunately the good group, led by Enki, said to be the creator of mankind and the protector of man on Earth, lost out to the group led by Enlil, who wanted mankind destroyed in a flood to silence their “noise”.

He we find Marduk entering the scene. Marduk or Amar Utu (meaning immortal son of the sun god UTU), was a solar god of the Amorites and possibly others, and as the Amorite control over Babylonia increased, so did the position of Marduk, until he became the head of the Babylonian pantheon. His name relates also to the root of the word “dragon”. A Serpent in other words. As he rose in power, An, the original top god of the Sumerians and Enlil, the human-hater, were fused with his traits and he became the one and only high god from that point onwards. Since the Amorite rule lasted from c. 1990 BC until 1595 BC, one can see that this amount of time caused the complete change of the original Sumerian civilization over to an Amorite one.

Let me provide an example of how the Marduk worship changed the Sumerian idea of a group of sky-gods, helpful towards humanity, who came down to teach us many important civilizing tools, into the group described later by Marduk. Rather than being helpful and instructive towards mankind, Marduk described the Seven Sages as follows:

In the epic “Erra and Ishum,” also known as “the Erra Epic,” [as rewritten by these Amorite rulers] we find Marduk referring to the seven gods as simply “the Seven.” Marduk questions “Where are the Seven Sages of the Apsu, the pure puradu fish, who just as their lord Ea (Enki), have been endowed with sublime wisdom?” Marduk further informs us that when Anu, the king of the gods, sowed his seed in the earth, She bore him seven gods, and he called them the Seven.

Right away Marduk is saying the equivalent of “where are your teachers now?” And notice that here he takes the sublime wisdom of the Seven Sages, aligns it correctly with their lord Enki and An or Ea the top god of the pantheon, but then he puts new words into the mouth of An, and claims that as they stood before An (also called Anu), HE, An, ordained their destinies, and HE, An, gave these instructions:

Wherever you go and spread terror, have no equal, he said to the first.
Burn like fire, scorch like flame, he told the second.
Look like a lion, let him who sees you be paralyzed with fear, he commanded the third.
Let a mountain collapse when you present your fierce arms, he advised the fourth.
Blast like a wind, scan the circumference of the earth, he counseled the fifth.
Go out everywhere, like the deluge, and spare no one, he told the sixth.
And the seventh he charged with viperous venom, saying, “slay whatever lives.”

That’s certainly both quite the opposite of what the original Sumerians tell us, and evidence that quite a bit of power is now being ascribed to the Seven – included that of slaying whatever lives. Oh, and of course this Marduk was now elected (by himself) as the leader of all the gods and the Seven Sages. His own sages, the new ones, preach death, fear, and destruction. And of course, since the new “advisors” pray to war, armies must be increased and money spent on conquests. To please the gods that is.

Marduk, aligned with Enlil as being part of the group that won the war in the sky, was truly now in complete control. As were the Amorites who both worshiped him and installed him as top god.

Why is all of this (or any of this) important to mankind today? Well, we only have to turn to the Old Testament for our answer:

Ezekiel 16:3 ESV
and say to the people, “Thus says the Lord Yahweh to Jerusalem: Your origin and your birth are of the land of the Canaanites; your father was an Amorite and your mother a Hittite.”

At the time this was written, the Hurrians were called Hittites, since our scholars had not identified the Hurrians as a separate group until the last 200 years. So the Amorite rules who installed Marduk, using Hurrian scribes to write the new history (fake news) next moved, with Abraham, who was on his mothers side a Hurrian and on his father’s side an Amorite, to the new “promised land” in Canaan. And they brought their warlike ideas with them – as we can easily see from the many people whom they slaughtered, according to the Biblical text. An Angry God is Yahweh.

I won’t drag this out for another fifty pages and completely lose your attention but I have one short observation to make. The bad guys won, the good group lost, and then history was rewritten to make it seem as if the winning group was the only one that had ever existed. It’s really that simple when you are in power.

I do not know nor believe fully, that the groups of extraterrestrials that are even now attempting to establish communications with us, and who profess to wish to help us, are the real deal. I believe so, but with caution. They claim to represent the former helpers and teachers of mankind, and that they are here to assist us in our struggle against the evil group that won the original sky war. To help release the Cattle from the control of their Herders, so to speak.

Please understand that these Herders are not made up of the Amorites or their ancestors.  Rather they are the leaders of them, as well as the rest of us.  They simply found it easier to begin their control over humanity by first capturing the minds of a group that was already looking to make a “name” for themselves, a new name that is, and a new reputation.  And the Amorites and their associates were both handy and useful in that scheme.

This information about the two groups and their roles comes from abductees, contactees, reports from those whose eyes are fully opened, and intelligent resources from around the world, and is not my own creation. I can and do state that my own research tends to support this idea.

False flags, fake Armageddon’s, Antichrists and the like, could represent the actions of this entrenched winning group that now controls our world and in which we are the cattle. My own idea is that even if we can not trust either side until proven otherwise, we should recognize that the natural human instinct to destroy any extra-terrestrial visitors on sight might have its origin in a historical record written by the winners and designed to keep them in power. Our brainwashing as Cattle might presuppose us towards violence, just as Marduk designed it.

Contact must be established. Trust must be earned. We may, indeed, need to mature as a species, even if it kills us. Because it certainly will be life-ending if we act hastily or under some type of thousands of years old programming that has been implanted in our species. Thank you for your time. Your comments would be appreciated.