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Was COVID-19 Created in a Hidden Extra Dimension?

In an article in New Scientist, titled “Earth’s magnetic field boosts gravity” by Michael Brooks, Porto, and dated Sept. 22, 2002, we find an intriguing article with possibly astounding connections to our own current plandemic.

Jean-Paul Mbelek and Marc Lachieze-Ray of the French Atomic Energy Commission near Paris
were measuring Newton’s gravitational constant (G) in their lab. And they claim that their evidence points to the fact that the two most accurate measurements of Newton’s constant (G) contradict each other!

No one has ever provided experimental evidence to support either the existence of extra dimensions or any interaction between gravity and electromagnetism. But lab measurements of Newton’s gravitational constant G suggest that both are real.

And in their report they claim that “Hidden extra dimensions are causing measurements of the strength of gravity at different locations on Earth to be affected by the planet’s magnetic field”.

In a paper submitted to Classical and Quantum Gravity and presented at a meeting of the European Astronomical Society in Porto, Portugal, the researchers calculated the values they would expect G to have at different locations around the world. They say it should be greater where the Earth’s magnetic field is stronger, with the highest measurements at the north and south magnetic poles.

The values of G measured so far seem to fit with that idea. But the researchers say the best way to test their theory would be to take accurate measurements of G at locations such as the magnetic poles and particular longitudes on the equator, and then check those values against the predictions.

Studies of the Sun also support the theory. To make mathematical models of the star’s interior tally with experimental data, physicists have to use a lower value of G than is traditionally agreed. Mbelek says his calculations predict that electromagnetism would not boost gravity as much at higher temperatures, so you would expect G to be lower inside the Sun.

Now Jean-Paul Mbelek and Marc Lachieze-Ray of the French Atomic Energy Commission near Paris say they can resolve the contradiction by taking into account the location of the labs where the experiments were carried out.

The pair suggests that electromagnetism and gravity influence one another enough for gravity’s pull to be noticeably affected by the Earth’s magnetic field.

Now, testing the pull of G is one thing, but can we honestly say that, once this information came to light, one or other of the scientists, who had the power needed to go further into this nearby (Atomic Energy) did not attempt to push the barriers?  Did they attempt to peel back the onion so to speak?  Obviously they would do this without telling anyone about it.   And they have had seventeen years to play with this after all.

Because, in addition to being potentially the greatest engine developed to date, ultra-dimension production at will, bending time and space in that process, would enable a vehicle that could truly travel the stars. Right back to where the aliens come from. And there is a weapon potential to consider.  Imagine causing an enemy’s nuclear subs and aircraft carriers to lift off the sea, and be flung into another dimension?

These measurements, carried out in 2002, used findings from a partner lab, some of whose scientists were also involved in these experiments that seem to point to the existence of an extra dimension and the interaction between gravity and electromagnetism. And this partner lab submitted results that agree with the French Atomic Energy Commission findings.

Are you ready to see the differences in G values that they measured and the locations of the two labs?

I’m going to leave it up to you to determine just how valid this connection is, and whether or not something other dimensional in nature may have caused an experimental virus to combine with  new properties that would not have occurred naturally or normally on Earth. Either way, these types of experiments should very probably not be conducted near where gain of function virus research is being done, or at least not until we can determine the radius of the ultra-dimensional field to determine whether or not it might impact upon other experiments.  And the type of shielding that is adequate to protect against this.  Of course if that shielding is expensive to construct or maintain, I doubt if the Chinese will employ it voluntarily.

As always, your comments are appreciated.