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The TRUTH about the Condon Report (Con)

Most of us have at least heard of the supposed scientific report on UFOs produced at the University of Colorado that is commonly referred to as  the “Condon Report”, after one of its editors.  I’ve never bothered to look at it myself, mainly because I could tell from the conclusions given that it was not an unbiased report, nor a very scientific one .

The full name of the report is the “Scientific Study Of Unidentified Flying Objects,” by Dr. Edward U. Condon & Walter Sullivan, published at the University of Colorado, Boulder, on October 31, 1968.    I believe that Halloween was an appropriate day to publish this work, since children dress in costumes and tell tales of witches and ghosts, and then collect their candy, or in this case upwards of a half million dollars.   Strange that we can get a ghost author to write a book for a tenth of that cost – but then again you have to pay scientists to lie.  Many of them will lie without any qualms, but they do need to be paid well for it – since they have the degree and all.

But recently I ran across yet another skeptical report that mentioned the Condon Report as if it were the “Holy Grail of all truth that is UFO related”, and so I decided to actually read it, once and for all.  And I discovered that it’s 879 pages long!  And believe me when I say that one should be paid handsomely just for reading it.

Most good Ufologists have been attacked personally by skeptics and scientists alike at one time or another; it’s almost as if it is part of the requirements to continue your research into the topic.  Ad Hominem [personal] attacks are one of the primary tools of these skeptics and scientists, and cranks as well, so they all have that in common.

So as long as they are in the business of attacking our reports without evidence, I thought it might be a good idea to have a look at what they themselves have produced, if only to see how “accurate” it actually is, and put a spotlight on some of the players involved.

But actually,  I only had to look at two of the principal authors involved in order to discover the true “Con” in the “Condon Report”. And it’s interesting, if startling, that they got away with this Con for so long. Perhaps it’s nobody really read the whole thing, and went only from Dr. Condon’s summary.  I know that most of the fake Media people handled it that way.

The two people that I would like to present as our main suspects in this criminal activity are Dr. Condon himself, and Samuel Rosenberg, who wrote the rather long (10,000 word) portion labeled as  Section V, Chapter 1, which was his treatment of the topic “UFOs in History”.

Rosenberg is the only author to contribute to the section that outlines a condensed report of UFOs reported since civilization began, although he starts rather late, (in the Biblical period) and a great deal of his source material is from authors of UFO books, which is strange since these scientists in the Condon group are supposedly debunking those same authors that Rosenberg uses as information sources.  But that point really doesn’t matter, as we shall see.

First let’s take a look at the good Dr. Condon.

In 1939 Dr. Edward Condon served as a local organizer for the Lincoln’s Birthday Committee for Democracy and Freedom, which later became known as the Communist front American Committee for Democracy and Freedom.  Not just a member, but the local organizer.

In 1945, Dr. Condon became the director of the National Bureau of Standards.  How he went from Communist organizer to the director of the bureau that has the sole and exclusive right and power of regulating the alloy and value of coin struck by their own authority, or by that of the respective states—fixing the standards of weights and measures throughout the United States, and to serve as the national physical laboratory for the United States, is a good question that we might ask.

During World War II, military research and development was carried out by the Bureau of Standards, including development of radio propagation forecast methods, the proximity fuze and the standardized airframe used originally for Project Pigeon, and shortly afterwards the autonomously radar-guided Bat anti-ship guided bomb and the Kingfisher family of torpedo-carrying missiles.

It also has authority over the Technology Innovation Program (TIP), a grant program where the Bureau and industry partners cost share the early-stage development of innovative but high-risk technologies.    Good place for a Communist spy, right?

Dr. Condon had left by then, but in 2002, the National Construction Safety Team Act mandated the National Bureau of Standards [renamed the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST] to conduct an investigation into the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2 and the 47-story 7 World Trade Center.   And it gets better.

In September 2013, both The Guardian and The New York Times reported that NIST allowed the National Security Agency (NSA) to insert a cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator called Dual EC DRBG into NIST standard SP 800-90 that had a “kleptographic” backdoor that the NSA can use to covertly predict the future outputs of this pseudorandom number generator thereby allowing the surreptitious decryption of data.

So I think we can see the clear pattern of a (1) controlled agency, (2) friendly to the group in power, (3) willing to come up with whatever results you desire, (4) or allow our own citizens to be spied upon, (5) and all done scientifically of course.  Similar to the UFO report of Dr. Condon.

Condon was in charge, as the 4th director, from 1945–1951.  He was appointed near the end of the term of Roosevelt, and continued in place by Pres. Harry S. Truman, both Democrats of course.  What some are perhaps not aware of, is that in the personal diaries of James Forrestal, the Secretary of Defence at the time, written prior to his being thrown out of a window at Bethesda Naval Hospital, the fiercely anti-Communist Forrestal mentions a quote by Truman to the effect that now that Hitler is gone “I suppose we will have Slavs in charge of Europe for many years – which is not all that bad after all”.

And from the notes of Truman we find:  “I can deal with Stalin. He is honest, but smart as hell.”—President Harry Truman, diary entry, July 17, 1945.  Sounds like a true fan.

However, Dr. Condon began to have problems as the director of the National Bureau of Standards.
In 1948, the House Committee on Un-American Activities investigated Condon. In its report of May 18, 1948, the HCUA said that the associations of Condon and his wife were a great concern to agencies charged with the security of the United States. Condon had entertained and associated with persons who were alleged to be Soviet espionage agents.   Not just in the initial formation of Communist groups but continuously.

On May 15, 1947, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director J. Edgar Hoover had written to the Secretary of Commerce Averell Harriman and said that FBI files indicated that, as late as 1947, Condon had been in contact with an individual alleged, by a self-confessed Soviet espionage agent, to have engaged in espionage activities with Soviet agents in Washington, D.C. from 1941 to 1944.

Mr. Hoover mentioned that Condon and his wife associated with several individuals from Communist Poland’s Embassy in Washington. These associates included the wife of the Polish Ambassador, the secretary of the Embassy, and a former counselor of the Embassy. The latter Ignace Zlotowski, a nuclear scientist, had worked as a Soviet espionage agent in direct contact with the Soviet Embassy in Washington.

The HCUA found that Condon and his wife had been guests in the homes of persons who were attached to Soviet satellite embassies, and present on these occasions were representatives of official Soviet agencies. The HCUA also found that, for at least five years, Condon had been in personal contact with American citizens who were members of the Communist Party. Although the HCUA had no evidence that Condon was a member of the Communist Party, he was a member of the executive committee of the American-Soviet Society, an affiliate of the subversive National Council of American-Soviet Science Friendship, one of the principal Communist endeavors in the United States.

In the opinion of the HCUA, Condon was one of “the weakest links in our atomic security” – of especial significance since Condon had been a scientific advisor to the Senate’s Special Committee on Atomic Energy and, as Director of the Bureau of Standards, Condon was at a focal point of interest for espionage agents. Condon remained with the Bureau of Standards until 1951 when he resigned and became director of research and development at the Corning Glass Works. Not many opportunities to share national secrets at the old Glass company, you might think. But that would be incorrect.  Unlike the previous director, Condon did not specialize in developing pots and pans at Corning; but instead he spent his time developing missile and rocket nose cones and heat shields/ablation shields for America’s space program — Condon had been and was a key member of the National Aeronautics Advisory Committee (NACA), the forerunner of NASA.   We probably actually needed a few Commies like Condon at NASA – just to balance out the large number of Operation Paperclip NAZIs we had there.

As of May 1964, Edward U. Condon Physics, Washington University, was listed as a sponsor of the Communist Party USA front, National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee.   And this is just two years before his Condon Report.

In 1966, Condon was appointed as head of an Air Force-sponsored program at the University of Colorado to check the validity of reports on unidentified flying objects (UFO’s). The Air Force signed a fifteen-month, $313,000 contract with the University of Colorado for Condon’s program. But the total bill for the American taxpayers came to half a million [in 1966 dollars] by the time it was completed.

Let me back up a minute just to clarify something.  Here’s a list of just some of the activities, most of which were Communist sympathizing, that Dr. Condon was involved in:

Sponsorship of the National Committee for Abolition of the House Un-American Activities Committee, an organization “to lead and direct the Communist Party’s Operation Abolition campaign.”   This was the Communist effort to get Joseph McCarthy to lay off.

Sponsorship of the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, “leftwing, pacifist”

Signed clemency petitions for the imprisoned Communists Frank Wilkinson and Carl Braden

Signed clemency petitions for the convicted spies Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Rosenberg , the Jewish spies who gave away the American Atomic Bomb secrets.

Service on the national council of the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, “Communist front and subversive”

Opposition to nuclear weapons tests (probably because the Soviets asked him to encourage local scientists to drop Nuclear research until the Soviets got it from Rosenberg, above).

I didn’t wish to bore you with the long list above, but I wanted it to be clear that he was not just some “suspected” Communist, but the real deal, and in direct communication with Soviet spies during his entire career.

Some will point out that new-Deal Liberalist and Secretary of Commerce Henry Wallace actually handpicked Edward Condon, a respected theoretical physicist, to become director of the National Bureau of Standards. But there was nothing that Wallace did that was not first approved by Roosevelt, and later subject to the decision of Truman, so that’s just a technicality.  And Henry Wallace is another can of worms, but I must save him for later.

When the U. S. Air Force, under Congressional pressure, appointed Dr. Edward U. Condon of the University of Colorado to head a purported “independent scientific study of UFOs” in 1966, it was the end result of the CIA secretly taking charge of UFO intelligence in late 1957, having gained control of “scientific intelligence” within the intelligence community. Between 1958 and 1966, the Air Force had been stuck in the publicly humiliating position of having to pretend it was the U.S. government agency responsible for studying UFOs, when it was actually the CIA who called all the shots.

In February 1967, Condon and four other scientists associated with his study secretly met with CIA officials at the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) in downtown Washington, D.C., where U-2, SR-71, and satellite spy photos were analyzed utilizing state-of-the-art computer enhancement techniques. After being briefed and given a dog-and-pony show by NPIC’s founder and director, Art Lundahl, who implored Condon’s group to obtain some good UFO photos/films for NPIC to study, Condon issued a nationwide appeal through the media for citizens to send the Condon Committee UFO photos/films to assist the purported “impartial” study of UFOs, post-haste. In reality, the photographic evidence was being sought for the CIA to further its secret study of UFOs, on-going since the early 1950s but without a mandate until late 1957.   And the CIA got a lot of good tips on which citizens they needed to watch.

In April 1967, a Condon Committee researcher, Dr. Gerald Rothberg of Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N.J., was dispatched to Harrisburg, Penn., to investigate an on-going local UFO flap. Accompanying Rothberg, disguised as research assistants, were two covert CIA officers, one of whom was Fred Durant, a highly experienced and knowledgeable CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence officer who typically operated under a cover of being a civilian scientist.  In other words Dr. Condon intentionally allowed CIA spooks to grill the people he would later base his sham report upon.

Durant and his partner brought with them a van load of high-tech detection equipment such as frequency scanners, plus advanced photographic gear. The CIA men mounted a special “all-sky” tracking camera atop Harrisburg’s largest hospital, interviewed local civilian UFO witnesses, and met with the Harrisburg chapter of NICAP, then the Nation’s largest and most influential civilian UFO group, headed by an anti-UFO secrecy activist, Maj. (Ret) USMC, Donald Keyhoe.

Condon’s most valuable service to the CIA, however, began in 1968 when another Condon Committee press release invited Soviet Union scientists to participate in his purported “independent scientific study” of UFOs. Condon was dangling bait for the CIA, trying to get Soviet officials into a “non-aggression” treaty on UFOs. Subsequently, Condon “researchers” — some of whom were covert CIA officers — met with Soviet Bloc scientists in Eastern Europe, where the treaty parlay was set in motion.

Why would the CIA pick Dr. Condon, knowing of his Communist connections?  Because his Soviet spy dealings had not, at that time, become common knowledge yet, and they were using that information as a hammer over his head, to make sure that he delivered the “impartial” report just the way that the CIA wanted to see it published.  And to hell with the American citizens.

In the end, the Condon Report, released in late 1969, was a classic example of CIA disinformation, for it not only dismissed UFOs but also called for the USAF to cease investigating them, no matter how concerned about UFO intrusions witnesses might be.  A Big Win for the CIA.

The Condon Report sealed the lid on the coffin in which the truth about UFOs was buried.

The CIA’s motto, borrowed from the Bible, says: “Know ye the truth, and the truth shall set ye free.”  Of course that saying does not include any idea of “sharing” that truth, or any promise not to distort it before serving it up.  Or to use against their own citizens.

Now let’s take a look at the co-conspirator; the author of Section V, Chapter 1 of the Condon Coverup, titled “UFOs in History”,   Samuel Rosenberg.  First let’s examine his contributions to the Condon Coverup.

Here’s a good example to start, found at the beginning of his chapter:  “The worship of the sun was endemic [regularly found] in antiquity. In nearly every religion the sun was the supreme deity and in some societies was even given the ultimate tribute of human sacrifice.   The Incas and most other American Indians regarded the sun as their principal deity and worshipped the dominant astronomical phenomenon that was blindingly visible to everyone, but never properly understood. The sun was a veritable UFO sighting of the first magnitude.”

Our Sun was an Unidentified Flying Object to our ancestors?

Here’s another one:  “And, since to my knowledge, no one has written an impartial or objective book about ancient ‘UFO reports,’ the nature of the dialogue between an UFO author and his reader becomes that of a man convinced of the existence of UFOs and a reader whom he hopes to convert to his belief.”   Notice his scientific terms of “since”, “to my knowledge”, and “convert to his belief”.  Nothing biased about our boy Rosenberg, not at all.  I like his comparison to the reporting of UFO events as representing some type of “religious” belief.

He continues on about UFO authors:  “He [the UFO author] also seeks to create an aura of believability and respectability for UFO phenomena by quoting and re-interpreting ‘UFO reports from the Holy Bible,’ from ancient Roman authors like Pliny The Elder, from Shakespeare, from Hindu religious texts, from ‘ancient manuscripts found in monasteries,’ or as in one notable example, from a ‘papyrus manuscript found among the papers of the late Professor Alberto Tulli, former director of the Vatican Egyptian Museum.'”

His “findings” are fairly predictable, and I will list just a few:

The Stanzas of Dzyan, according to Rosenberg, are a fraud manufactured by  the high priestess of Esoteric Theosophy, Madame Helene Petrovna Blavatsky.  But no evidence to prove this was given.

Rosenberg then decided to do his own telephonic [but scientific] investigation on the “Ampleforth Abbey document”, which he also believed was a fraud.  We are assured that “Confirmation only occurred when Rosenberg, wondering why ufologists were so deeply uninterested in proving the story legitimate, telegraphed England and asked a friend to investigate on British shores. The return cable was conclusive: “AMPLEFORTH DOCUMENT A HOAX PERPETRATED BY TWO SIXTH FORM BOYS [High School] IN LETTER TO TIMES (LONDON).”

But this skeptical claim had already been debunked by the original source; Gavin Gibbons, author of  “Travels in and Around Shropshire and the Welsh Border” and other tomes.  In fact, Gavin Gibbons noted that there “are grave doubts on the genuineness of this. Two Oxford undergraduates admitted to me in 1956 that they forged this document for a joke—but there is nothing to prove that they really did so!”  So here we have the real truth about the “investigation” by Rosenberg – even the original source doubts that these boys forged it.

The Tulli papyrus is supposedly the earliest known record of a fleet of flying saucers written on papyrus long, long, ago in ancient Egypt,  and part of the Annals of Thutmose III, circa 1594- 1450 B. C.

Here’s part of Rosenberg’s “scientific” conclusions regarding the Tulli papyrus:
The “Tulli papyrus” and and the Book of Ezekiel show so many exact similarities of style, language and detail in sequence, that one wonders whether, despite its alleged time priority, the “Tulli papyrus” may be taken from the King James version of the Book of Ezekiel. Or, if the “Tulli papyrus” is genuine, and its translation by Prince de Rachewiltz is accurate, then the Book of Ezekiel may have been plagiarized from the Annals of Thutmose III!   [There is just so very much wrong with his logic and suggested timeline convergence in that statement that I don’t have the time to explain it all in this report.]

Rosenberg continues with: “Skepticism being the mother of persistence, we nevertheless decided to trace it as far as we could.  Dr. Condon wrote to Dr. Walter Ramberg, Scientific Attache at the U. S. embassy in Rome.”   Because, supposedly, Ramberg would know, right?

Dr. Ramberg replied:  “…the current Director of the Egyptian Section of the Vatican Museum, Dr. Nolli,  intimated that Prof. Tulli was only an amateur ‘Egyptologist’ and that Prince de Rachelwitz is no expert either. He suspects that Tulli was taken in and that the papyrus is a fake.”

“Skepticism being the mother of persistence” is a phrase that I will have to copy down and remember for later use.

So who is their expert, Dr. Ramberg?   Dr. Walter Ramberg graduated with honors in physics at Cornell University in 1926 and in 1928 he returned to academia to pursue a doctors degree at the Technische Hochschule in Munich, Germany. There he attended courses in mathematics and theoretical physics under Professor Sommerfeld and carried out research on the nature of the electric arc for a Doctors thesis.

His friend, Dr. L.B. Tuckerman, hired Walter as his assistant at the National Bureau of Standards. Walter’s first work as an assistant physicist involved the experimental and theoretical study of locknuts. [No, I couldn’t make that up if I tried.]

Later problems that Ramberg worked on included studies of propeller vibration and other mechanical problems referred to the Bureau of Standards.  He was still working at the Bureau when Condon was the director.

In 1959 Dr. Ramberg was appointed by President Eisenhower to be Science Officer to the United States Embassy in Rome, Italy. His primary role there was to serve as an Advisor to the Ambassador and his staff in the evaluation of the interaction of  science with foreign policy. Whatever that means.  [He was also available to advise on their locknut situation, I imagine.]

But we can easily understand how a Physicist, and specialist in locknuts and vibrations, could also be considered by the Condon Con people to be their “expert” on Egyptology, translations, and  the duplicity of Prof. Tulli, since their report was a Con to begin with.  What’s not so easy to understand is how Ramberg could be considered more knowledgeable in Egyptian papyrus works than Professor Alberto Tulli, former director of the Pontifical Egyptian Museum of the Vatican, and the translator of the text from hieratic into hieroglyphics, the Abbot Étienne Drioton,who was the director of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and who participated in the operation.

And (Prince) Boris de Rachewiltz (1926–1997) [son-in-law of Ezra Pound], who they also slandered, was an Italian-Russian Egyptologist and writer on Africa and the ancient world.   He studied Egyptology at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome from 1951 to 1955, and at the Cairo University from 1955 to 1957. After archaeological and ethnographic fieldwork in Upper Egypt and the Sudan, he taught as a professor at the Pontifical Urban University.  This is the man that Rosenberg had Dr. Nolli calling “no expert either”.

We’ve already seen that their “experts” would not be considered as reliable sources to quote on any topics related to Egyptology, translations, archaeology, ancient languages, documents, philosophy, theology, history, etc., but surely Samuel Rosenberg was a degreed scholar, since he contributed this important chapter in the Condom Con?

Here’s the biography that they give of him in the Condon Report:

” SAMUEL ROSENBERG (Section V, Chapter 1) is a documentary film producer and director. As a photojournalist he has had articles published in Life and has directed and produced 12 documentary films for television. He has served as a consultant in matters involving the United Nations. He has given two one-man shows of drawings in Washington and New York. A personal memoir is scheduled for publication in 1969 by Prentice-Hall.”

And most of this bio is either misleading or not true. Yes, he was a photojournalist. But, there are no records that I could locate that credit him as a documentary film producer or director. The closest he came, according to the records I uncovered, was as “a Hollywood story consultant”. That may be what they meant.  His serving as “consultant in matters involving the United Nations” consists of his being the official photographer at the founding of the United Nations in San Francisco.  His articles published in Life magazine consisted of an essay titled “The Horrible Truth About Dr. Frankenstein,” which was reviewed as the work of  “a self-taught amateur psychoanalyst who did not shrink from bearding the master.”

His other essays and studies concentrated on topics such as Herman Melville’s private life, St Nicholas – The original Santa Claus, Perseus, A brief encounter with Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Lot’s wife,  James Joyce, Medusa, and Sigmund Freud.

But what he is most known for is his 1974 study of Sherlock Holmes titled “Naked is the Best Disguise (subtitled The Death and Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes)”.  Rosenberg’s book was severely criticized for its irreverence toward the Holmes stories and for its unprofessional use of psychoanalysis with references to sexual activity.   He had produced a book that not only traced Holmes’s origins to Nietzsche, Melville, Poe, Bunyan, Boccacio, Flaubert, Dostoevsky, Wilde and others, but found allusions to forbidden sexual expressions at every drop of a literary reference in the Holmes canon.

In the 1960s [when the Condon Con was manufactured] he found his true calling as a literary consultant for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, by whom he was engaged on account of his prodigious memory to check for plagiarism (a talent which led him to suggest, among other things, that Conan Doyle may have lifted simple sentences from translations made after his death of the works of German philosophers he had not read).

Where I believe he went completely off the reservation was in his often scornful remarks about  “orthodox Sherlockian ducks” and “Bakerstreetniks”, and his several lectures on the “Conan Doyle syndrome”.  They loved him in Britain.  [Just kidding].

Here we have a writer who seems to read something into nearly everything; whether it makes even the most remote bit of sense at all.  Perfect for the Condon Con report on Ancient UFOs.

Other than the fact that they needed a stooge [there are no records given of his even finishing High School, let alone any degrees], who was not above character assassination, what did they get for their money in our Mr. Samuel Rosenberg?

Perhaps they wanted the biggest author that money could buy.  He weighed over 300 pounds at a height of 6 foot 3 inches.  His friend Buckminster Fuller had humorously referred to him as a “pink mountain” (rosen berg: German) and “history’s most massive reader.”

Or perhaps it is the fact that he was a photographer and photograph analyst for the O.S.S. during World War II.   After a friend recruited him for the O.S.S., the precursor of the C.I.A., on an O.S.S. assignment Mr. Rosenberg took pictures of the liberated Nazi death camps.   So they probably just grabbed him as one of their CIA stooges who they keep on the payroll for when they are needed, much like Dr. Condon.

Engaging in personal attacks is not fun – and not the way that I prefer to handle things. But since the Condon Con had already done the exact same thing, I thought it permissible to give some of the same back to them.

We can see that their experts were not actually expert in the fields that they spoke about, that their authors had preconceived ideas prior to “investigating”, and that overall  they seemed to be expert at only one topic – character attacks on the decent people who have always worked to bring out the truth about the UFO experience.

Thanks for sticking through to the end of this report.  Comments are always appreciated.