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Sitting around a Campfire while God explains Astronomy

That’s not exactly what I translated but what it sounds like. I’m working on the Book of Job, in this case in chapter 38. And I am using a template for languages that I developed over a period of five years, that allows me to freely translate from unaccented paleo-Hebrew into the Sumerian language. Yes, and it works just fine in over 600 example.

Why verse 38? I chose it because the flat-Earthers use those verses to “prove” their theory.  And hidden inside of the traditional text are Job’s actual thoughts on the shape of the Earth.  And he writes as if his ancestors sat around a campfire with EL, God, and he taught them a great many things. Doesn’t quite sound like the traditional God of fire, thunder and jealousy, does it? It sounds like a Father teaching his Sons.

So Job begins telling us what he has learned from the pillars that his tribe of Amorites salvaged from the Garden of Eden, prior to the flood, and which they still guard, under the temple floor in the town of Emar, in Syria.

I will publish this soon. And I will be forced to defend every single word and every translation and symbol, much as a PhD candidate does – and with even more scrutiny than usual because the group that does what I do numbers less than a hundred, worldwide. And they are very jealous and suspicious of one who is not under their thumb, part of their click, receiving paychecks from them, or subject to peer review. And I am confident that I can do so. Therefore I will not be providing the underlying Sumerian words at this time – because my question is related to what you think about this information, and not what you think about whether or not Sumerian existed or the techniques of translation.

Please read the below and tell me if you are astonished or not. Does the fact that God might have been “nice”, as Jesus was, and not “nasty” as we have always been told, make you happier or more sad? Does the idea that, not only were we not punished for taking the fruit of the tree of knowledge but rather that God wished us to know whatever he could teach us, lessen your belief, or, as in my case, somehow strengthen it to some tiny extent?

Even if you have no strong belief in Judeo-Christianity, you have to admit that this is written, yes written evidence of an encounter in our ancient past with a being that knew facts that the locals could not have known. And I will happily defend the translations to the scholars.

Please understand that Job wrote his book with terms that could be understood by the general public, and that he was called one of the most righteous men in the Bible. He also praises God in his hidden verses, so nothing has changed there. Please read my revelation of the hidden version as an extra bit of information, and not as anything that could, or will, or should, change the traditional translation in any way. This is not an either or – it’s an extra.

Job 38 – two verses:

In the World of Old,
The pure and clear Supreme God spoke of the shape/form of the Earth and brought out from the work in secret messages;
That it is a circle that rolls over and then returns.

It roams around and shakes (wobbles on its axis).
It is magnetic, with strength and power, like something threaded or hung on a string.
It’s sides go around and encircle.
The one that is distant, that sets it in place and walks it along, is the Sun.
It (the Sun) arises high in the sky to encircle, and to bring it out and take it away. (Sun’s magnetic field).

When High (or on the high side) it idles as it enters and leaves.   An astronomer friend helped me with this part – it’s when the Earth is at is furthest point from the Sun, it goes slightly slower, briefly, before it heads back in towards the Sun.

It takes away – brings along, the Earth, when it goes around, to seek a withdrawal as it goes away.
(Withdrawal: a retraction of a previously held position.) (Yes the Sun and the entire Solar System revolve around the center of our own Galaxy – the Milky Way.)

To roam around its demarcated sector (orbit).
Roam around in burning heat.

The secret messaging that he mentions is the form that Job and his group uses to hide the knowledge his ancestors were given from those who would edit it or change it, given the chance. It’s pulled out of the traditional text, which he also authored, by use of a template, which I authored.

Each of us has the opportunity to ask ourselves how Job could have known the details of the Earth revolving around the Sun, the Sun’s magnetic field keeping the Earth in its marked orbit, that the Earth was round and rotates, and all of the details above, if he were not taught this by someone. And he, Job, is very insistent that that teacher was God.

So until I have evidence to the contrary, I’m going to believe Job. One who doesn’t believe in God might think that this was an Alien teaching them. And one who doesn’t believe in Aliens might think it was a super-smart human from some culture that we have no knowledge of today. Regardless, the knowledge was transferred, and now we have it again.

The next section moves to another topic, and I have not yet finished it. I have my fingers crossed because I believe it speaks of humanity being brought here, as other texts do. I’ll keep you posted.

Does this not represent the type of written evidence of extra-human contact that we have been searching for these many millennium?