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Part 3: Modern Organizations sell us the Sky Gods, Again.

On the previous page I showed you that, when broken down into its base components, the simple logo used by the Masons can be made to resemble the sky god depictions of Native Americans and others, called the Thunderbirds.  I did it in three steps for a reason – here is a reminder of the example from step one:

And now to my reason for doing this.  Please examine the following crop of a section from our own One Dollar Bill.  Perhaps you notice the similarities:


Yes, if we only moved that top design to the space where the tail feathers are located, the two could be twins.  Coincidence?

Now let’s return to the symbols used by the ancient Sumerians. Here’s a very famous symbol used on nearly every document or writing example that they produced:

The symbol is for their word “Dingir”, which is defined as “deity, god or goddess”, but was especially connected to a god in or from the sky, or a sky god.   When you saw this symbol, you were expected to know that a divine or special creature was involved, and to accord it the respect and obedience that it deserved.  Or else.

Here’s an example from an actual clay tablet, showing it’s use. The goddess is the one with wings, on the right-hand side, in case you were wondering:

And yes, the other figure’s hands are assuming a posture of worship or obedience.

Now, how could modern man use this same pattern, in order to have us recall, somewhere deep inside our root memory, that this symbol merited our respect?  Let’s see:



Yes, the British would have had an easier time creating their world empire due to their use of this symbol; a symbol that our root minds told us indicated obedience was due, and that further identified the fact that a divine creature was nearby.


Have others come up with this same notion, to use an ancient symbol to command respect?


The eight-sided star here is imposed over the entire world, served up on a platter (or portrayed in a flattened form).  Suitable for both the United Nations, and the World Health Organization (who are ruling the Covid pandemic as I write this), it’s a subtle reminder of the obedience that we once paid to the sky gods of old.  Or yet another coincidence?

I’ll let you be the judge as to how the powers that be are employing ancient symbols to control our modern lives, but my point here was to bring out the possibility that our minds inherit root memories of events that impact severely on mankind, even down through the generations.  Our DNA seems to represent a type of library, with the most popular book in it being the history of Alien visitation on Earth.

I also wished to point out the strange actions of our Governments worldwide; on the one hand they seem to go to a lot of trouble to convince us that there is not such thing as Aliens and UFOs, yet on the other hand, they seem to be using old symbols to sell their new story to us.  And their control over us seems to be part of that same theme.

That’s it for my theory. I hope you enjoyed it and will consider leaving your comments and thoughts.