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One very EVIL edition of the King James Bible

UPDATE:    I’m putting this at the top, even though you will need to read the below article to understand the connection, but I am jammed up on trying to get out a book and so please forgive this addition of news here rather than rewriting the whole page.  I just made another connection to this group of ghouls who have messed with at least one version of the Protestant Bible.  The main patron of Hollar, and the one who was attempting to bring an Obelisk from the Vatican to England was best friends with:  Archbishop James Ussher, who  calculated the age of the Earth using the “begats” in the Old Testament.  This one action has caused more genuine harm to the reputation of the Bible than anything else that comes to mind. He spawned the Young Earthers, who believe that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old, brought on the ire of the scientific community and ridicule on Christians everywhere.  So he was part of this same group of Bible meddlers and evil followers of a dark god.    End update.

No, the KJV Version of the Bible is not evil. But there was one printing done of it, in 1660, paid for by the King, Charles II of England and Scotland, that was most definitely nothing more than an evil conspiracy theory in play. And I have the evidence here to back that statement up.

Charles II, while pretending to be the head of the Church of England was secretly a Catholic. On his deathbed he converted to Catholicism, but he offered, in a secret treaty with France, to do so even earlier, in exchange for money. This is a matter of historical fact.

He hired John Ogilby of Cambridge to print a new edition of the King James Bible that had originally been created at the request of his grandfather, Kind James I of England. But this one would be large in size, and, for the first time, include images depicting some events from the Bible story. It was called the “Restoration Bible”.

Now our John Ogilby had some strange associations. He was willing to tell people that he was born near Edinburg in Scotland, but would not share the name of the town. And in a town to the West of Edinburg we find the home of another John Ogilby, who lived a generation earlier, who was a very strict Catholic and a Jesuit as well. In fact this earlier John Obilby is now St John Ogilvie, and on the Jesuit website they mention that he was a Jesuit priest, martyred for his faith at Glasgow on 10th March 1615, when our own John Ogilby was 15 years old.

When our John Ogilby was very young (perhaps 15 or 16?) his father was made a prisoner within the jurisdiction of the King’s Bench, presumably for bankruptcy or debt. And supposedly our young John supported the family and used some of the money he earned to buy two lottery tickets, which won him a minor prize. Very convenient. Suspiciously convenient you might say. Later we are told that when he was injured during his dancing career, he taught himself Latin and Greek and then published English translations of the Classics in those languages, and all of this in a period of less than three years.

In my research, when someone has shady birth confirmations, sudden influxes of wealth, or is very handy with ancient or foreign languages, you generally are looking at a Jesuit. And Ogilby meets all three of those qualifications.

Just before he died, Ogilby published an important Atlas of England for Charles II, which some scholars have called “a roadmap for the invasion by Catholics of England”, and which featured Catholic shrines and Holy places marked on it, which was strange indeed for a map published during a period when the Church of England was the authorized religion of England. In his 2008 television series Terry Jones claimed that one of the map’s purposes was to facilitate a Catholic takeover of the kingdom, an interpretation that one historian agreed was ‘significant and highly plausible’.

The engraved plates in this ambitious folio Bible of 1660, financed by the publishing entrepreneur John Ogilby (1600-1676), were the work of the Bohemian Wenceslaus Hollar (1607-1677). Hollar was said by his contemporaries to have converted to Catholicism when he was still young, and that the Jesuits of Antwerp had converted him. So we really have two Jesuits working on an edition of the KJV that was printed for, and dedicated to, Charles II. And they made it available to the Royals during the Church of England period, such as we now see. And it was printed in Cambridge, and sold to the nobles and rich folks of the kingdom. Since this was a Bible edition celebrating the “Restoring” of Charles II to the throne, all of the powers that be had a copy of it. Because if you did not have a copy you were not very loyal, were you?

But it goes even deeper than that. Because after the death of Charles II, the following people acquired this illustrated edition of the KJV and kept it close at hand: King George V, King of the United Kingdom (1865-1936), Queen Mary, consort of George V, King of the United Kingdom (1867-1953). But the Restoration Bible edition that was sold to the public was a cheaper version, without these illustrations. Because after all, there was still an idea among the Puritans of England that “graven images” should not be included in a Bible copy. At least not during that time period.

Last week I published a thread on project avalon called: L.A. – la-la land, it’s in the bible!, which can be found here:

Some of you may not have read it so I will republish the important bits here as well:

Take a look at the following image from
They are experts in the Hebrew language and they offer definitions from the Klein Dictionary.

Hebrew characters for LH-LH

Those Hebrew alphabetical symbols next to the line that says “to confuse, drive crazy,” are Lamed Heh Lamed Heh. Now, you can pronounce this as Lah Leh, or as Leh Lah, and I have seen it used both ways, but basically, at the time that the Book of Proverbs was written there were no vowels in Hebrew, and so Lah Lah or LA LA would work just as well. And like the LA-LA Land that some call Los Angeles, it indicates a rabid person exhibiting signs of madness.

I notice that they also attach it to a meaning of madman, and to confused, crazy, but what does it say in the verse in Proverbs that they mention? Let’s check it out.

Oh, but that mention of hapax legomenon – what does that mean? It means that this
word is unique in the Bible. It is only found one time, in that verse in Proverbs, and
appears nowhere else.

King James Version Proverbs 26:18
“As a mad man who casteth firebrands, arrows, and death.”

And yes, the mad man is Lh Lh in Hebrew or our La La. Strong’s concordance number 3856, where they define it as “lala = to be rabid (figuratively insane); madman.” So there’s not much question about its meaning. And I re-translated it to be sure and that’s what it means based upon its use in the context as well.

In the Hebrew text it is transliterated as the phrase mit’lah’leha with the mit portion being Mem, or from, and Tav, or you will. So we have as a complete phrase, as it is in the text, You will be rabid, or you will be a madman. And when I saw this same word later, in an image placed inside of a special version of the King James Bible, I recognized it instantly.

When I saw the image that the Jesuits Obilby and Hollar put in the Bible for King Charles II, the Genesis image has at the top, in huge letters, what even today some are referring to as “YHWH, the Tetragrammaton, the name of God, Yahweh”. No kidding, I actually found this on more than one website, where they claim that those letters spell Yahweh or Jehovah (God).

Here are those letters, blown up for your enjoyment. Please compare them to my other image directly above, and you will see that they are identical. They are Lamed Hey Lamed Hey (La-La land, or actually madman, rabid, chaos, etc.). At first I thought that these Jesuits were trying to link Chaos to that Genesis 1 image of the Creation. Now a mention of Chaos would be equally Heretical, since both the Protestants and the Catholics agree that God made the Earth ex nihilio, or “from nothing”, and that he did not “arrange into shape” the existing Chaos, as the Gnostics and early Greeks claim. So this is bad. But it gets worse.


By the way, before I go further, here is what YWHW looks like. Now, I have left it just the way that the Hebrews wrote it – from right to left it is read. So actually, when we look at it, it has their letters for HWHY, before it is reversed in English. Hebrews always write it HWHY; we reverse that to have YHWH, or Yahweh (Jehovah). Please confirm with me that this DOES NOT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE WHAT IS IN THAT BIBLE EDITION image that is directly above. Thank you.

And now for the really bad news; the Evil part of my thread. They used this same symbol in all of the eight pages that they put in the Bible! When Abraham speaks to God, they put, at the very top, the LaLa image. When mankind is created and calls upon the name of God for the first time, they put LaLa inside of three speech bubbles. They refer to God as madness and not Jehovah! Hollar does reverse the signs so that they match the Hebrew style of right to left, but it is still LaLa and not YHWH. Here is that image, since I know that this will be difficult for many to believe:

Recall in Genesis when Abraham receives the call of Yahweh?  And he answers it?   Here they have that image in the KJV version that they created, but Abraham is listening to “Madman” instead of Yahweh.  Why would they be so cruel as to corrupt a Church of England Bible like that?

The old people  (our ancestors) have told us over and over that Evil needs to be invited in. Vampires can’t enter your home unless you ask them in, demons will not haunt you if you are not doing something evil that calls out to them. And even the Native Americans, when they took their scalps, had a certain way to do it, otherwise it did not count as a trophy. The truth is, that sometimes the higher you go towards the top of the powerful pyramid, in Government, with Royalty or Religious folks, the less that they believe in the Bible words, and the more they follow some type of worship of the ancient sky gods, such as those from Egypt.  Hollars’ patron, a Catholic who hid his beliefs as well, was attempting in 1630, to have one of the Obelisks from Egypt brought over to England. But he was getting it from the supply that the Popes had in Rome. They have eleven of them, one inside the Vatican square itself. Why respect pagan monuments if not to secretly worship them? Are the ones that control our world secret RA worshipers? Or do they speak with extraterrestrials, as I have proven, and respect them as well, due to the many benefits such as child pedophilia, wealth accumulation and total control over the locals? Would worship soon follow this?

He was not able to accomplish this, but actually a much larger one was eventually brought to London some two hundred and fifty years later – and its twin was brought to New York by the Masons. By printing a Bible for the rich and famous, in Cambridge, read by Archbishops in England, kept by future Kings and Queens, and respected in general by the “illuminated” of our own generation, we see that they are meeting the requirement of advertising their actions. They put this in plain sight. It delights them to do so. They taunt us and are happy to do this, over and over. We are, after all, their “cattle”.

Some would argue that our scholars simply “did not know and do not know”. They simply were not able to read what was there in plain sight and see that it was quite obvious that it did not say Yahweh, but instead said “madman”. Even to this day, there supposedly is nobody in Cambridge or in the religious community, or the scholars of the world that can read Hebrew. Sure. None of our Hebrew brothers and sisters have pointed this out to us either.

It is not my intent to pick on any religious belief. I merely wish you to know that by allowing things like this to go unchallenged, aren’t we “inviting them in”? Do we have anyone other than ourselves to blame when we allow the defamation of a Bible to remain unstained by accusation?

Your comments would be appreciated.   I do this research in the hopes that it will arouse some bit of memory, or strike some chord within my readers, and any comments or suggestions that you make will be accepted in a serious way. Don’t be afraid to speak out.  Don’t help to invite them in with your silence.