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NIBIRU: What Sitchin did not tell us

This will be somewhat short, at least for me, but definitely deserving a mention, in my opinion.

Well, Sitchin was somewhat on the right track, but his lack of understanding of the Sumerian language caused him to make associations in the cuneiform tablets that any good Sumerologist will tell you simply do not exist. Nibiru, for example is not a planet, not a returning comet or star, but rather Nibiru is a person, or the closest thing to a human-like being that a demi-god can get.

To be fair, Sitchin always explained that, as a Jew, he was a Semitic scholar, a translator of the Semitic language known as Akkadian. And Sumerian is quite different – in fact it’s not a Semitic language at all. His publishers probably mentioned that he translated Sumerian because not as many people recognize the word Akkadian, or what it entails.

The major Semitic languages are Arabic, Amharic (spoken in Ethiopia), Tigrinya (spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea), Hebrew, Tigre (spoken in Sudan), Aramaic (spoken in Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Iraq and Iran) and Maltese.And the earliest attested Semitic language being the East Semitic Akkadian of Mesopotamia (Akkad, Assyria, Isin, Larsa and Babylonia) from the third millennium BC (2350 BC or so, to be more accurate). Thus it is hardly possible for a language that arose with Sargon the Great around 2350 BC could be used to decipher Sumerian, which is some three or more thousand years older and not related to a Semitic language in any way.

Our beloved, traditional scholars are quick to tell us that Nibiru or Nibru means a crossing or way-point, a ford, a port or wharf, or something similar. But they are being disingenuous as usual (not telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth) and in this example they are very close to being actual liars, since they know better and are using this definition to push some agenda on us.

I can put an end to the definition that has been “sold” to us in regards to Nibiru in this short post, once and for all. I can show you that it does not indicate a planet that is returning, but rather the inhabitants and of planet that will be returning. And I can show you that it specifically indicates one specific personage who will be returning, and that this will be a part of the false-flag operation that the powers that be will be pushing when the time is optimal (my research tells me April, 2030).

Almost done, follow me through one bit of evidence to the truth.

Here is the page that defines Nibiru, or Nibru, as it is given. It shows us how that word was written, for various periods of human history, and the associations that go along with it.

Nibiru in Sumerian

Left Click on Image and View it to Enlarge it.

All of these pages are found on the University of Pennsylvania Sumerian project website, or the ETCSL project at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford. All can be easily confirmed by those interested. Nothing is brought forth through conjuring or telepathic motions (Sitchin’s reply when asked where he came up with definitions that simply do not exist in the archaeological records he admitted that he “saw” them in his mind).

One of the lexical associations listed with the word is :
Lexical Associations Marduk[1]DN (// Neberu[1])

But even that is Akkadian or Babylonian centered, since Marduk was not a Sumerian god.
But do note that the d in front of the image of the definition below indicates “dingir” or “god”, in this case “sky-god”.

I have placed, on the first row, the numbers 1,2,3. This is to show you how the word Neberu, or Nibru, or Nibru was written (the scholars throw out slightly different transliterations to confuse others and throw them off the track – but it is made up of the same symbols, no matter how they “guess” it was pronounced by English tongues).

The first symbol, near the one is EN. This means “lord, master, ruler” but most especially it means god, as in sky-god. It’s the first part of EN-Ki and EN-Lil, for example.
The second symbol is Lil, or Lil2 to be exact (the second form of lil). It is traditionally defined as storm, or sky or ghost, but also as fool, jester, and as I have mentioned previously, a shape-shifter. This idea of a jester as a shape-shifter was also held by our Anglo-Saxon ancestors during the early middle ages, and by the Norse group of Odin followers as well.
The third symbol is Ki, which means place, country, land, earth, etc.

On the bottom row, the first symbol is a d for deiger, meaning “sky-god”. Which really seals the deal since the Sumerians did not think of planets as gods, but rather the inhabitants of said planets or the origins of their sky-gods were on several, specific planets. I included this bottom row for two reasons – to show the sky-god association, which indicates it was a demi-god and not a crossing, ford, or wharf, and to show that the dates associated with this way of writing it are around the period when Abraham was active as a scribe and writer of Sumerian cuneiform near the 2000 BC period of Babylonia.

So Nibiru is, very simply, The Earth (the place or planet of origin) of Enlil, the famous sky-god
of Sumerian and Babylonian myths who later became known as Marduk, and later still as Bel, Bel-Marduk, Beelzebub, etc. Yes, the Lord of the Flies, Satan himself, to the Christians. For those interested, this is located very close to Sirius, and its exact location I will publish shortly.

If you look up our adopted symbol for the Radiation hazard, this is exactly the same symbol used by the Sumerians – a set of three triangles – and this represents the word Kur in Sumerian, which was the mountain home of the sky-gods on Earth, Enlil’s place, as well as being a representation of the three stars that make up Sirius (A, B, and a smaller brown dwarf), which is the place of origin of the Enlil-Satan-Marduk-Baal evil types. And yes, our scientists tell us that we cannot “see” nor “find” three stars in Sirius, unless, that is, you count the smaller red dwarf star. But the Dogon people knew this long ago, as did the Sumerians.

Nibiru is his place of origin, but when Sitchin speaks of Nibiru returning he is really speaking of Enlil coming back to do his nasty deeds on our own fair planet once more.

I hope this helps to clear up Nibiru, once and for all. I have found that currently there are two groups of followers – those of Sitchin and his “channeled” results, and those of the traditional scholars, who have never shown you the whole truth, as indicated above. But since it has been proven that Sitchin had a great many associates within the NSA (National Security Agency or code breakers of the USA), perhaps there is just one group after all.