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Alien Message of Hope!

I was sent the following image of a newspaper article by one of my readers, to share with you.  It certainly seems to be a very strange coincidence.

Gates says depopulation through forced vaccination

I wanted you to know that there has been a recent communication from the alien visitors that has been passed on to me to translate and publish, and it certainly relates to what is happening today, as you will see.

I just recently published this in an exciting e-book on and other venues.  It provides us with hidden knowledge about the source and those responsible for the Covid-19 Virus, as well as an inexpensive remedy for it.  This information has been hidden from the public by the various Tech companies, who, working together with Big Pharma and our Governments, do not seem to be on our side in this pandemic.

Because this book informs us of a Cure for the Covid-19 & 21 pandemics, and it goes further and provides us with clues pointing out the parties responsible and the countries of origin of this dread disease, I was advised to publish it under a pen name.  And then, when I discovered that Google and YouTube will not index any alternative cures for Covid-19, and especially not those from herbal remedies that are nearly free in cost, I decided to publish it as a fiction based upon fact.  But by reading it you will know the truth.  Here’s the back page info on the book and below that the image from its front page.  Please help both me and the website by purchasing a copy at your earliest convenience.  Thank You.

CE5 :  Are you ready for an Extraterrestrial Message to Mankind?

On a warm summer night in the year 2020, a young lady from Texas was abducted by aliens. But this was not to be a normal abduction. And their message was not anything like the previous dire warnings that have been reported by abductees.

This is a report of a most unusual alien contact. And technically it represents the first “written” communication between visitors from the stars and the people of Earth.

On this occasion, the extraterrestrial visitor offered a gift to humanity. She displayed an image upon a nearby wall, and issued her challenge: “We know the Cure for Covid-19”.

And most astoundingly she continued with “And once you have translated these symbols, you will as well”.

The message was given to a translator of ancient languages who undertook the task, and after many months of work he was able to extract all of the meanings from those most ancient symbols

And those contents are amazing!

The Extra-Terrestrial communication provides us with a Cure for Covid-19 and 21, using very cheap and natural medical ingredients that were originally used by humans some thousands of years ago.

And the symbols themselves are from a language that has not been spoken by humans on Earth for over 4,000 years.

And then, in a portion of the message contents that was encrypted, and available to those with “eyes that see”, these alien visitors went even further. They provided us with a clear set of clues that will enable us to uncover the human hyenas that are responsible for this mess.

Yes, both the source of origin and the parties who are profiting from this plague.

The unique contents of this book will both astound you and forever change the way that you look at the extraterrestrial question!

Published as fiction but based upon fact, you really can not afford to miss the ground-breaking information contained in this extraordinary message. This is our first communication with this valiant group from beyond our nearby stars, but it need not be our last.

We now have the means to reply to them at any time of our own choosing.

What would you  like to ask them?

A unique look into the very real probability that contact will come within our own lifetimes – in fact,  Contact is Here, Contact is Now!

Extra-Terrestrial Message: Could this be a Cure for Covid-19 & 21? Kindle Edition
by Robert Clay Brand (Author), Dale Earl (Translator) Format: Kindle Edition

Publisher : Artistic Lens Press (January 21, 2021)
Publication date : January 21, 2021

Just Click on the Image to learn more.  Thanks!

ET Cure for Covid