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For how long have Aliens been visiting the Earth?

Many of our skeptics seem to express the belief that the Extraterrestrial phenomena is something recent.  Or, if they are held to the fire, they claim that even if it is older, or has been reported through the ages, there is no evidence of this. Nothing beyond some “myths” passed down orally.

Really?  No evidence of early interaction with the visitors from space?  How about written evidence – would that do?  And by that I mean records from our ancient ancestors, done worldwide, that you probably have never seen before, and yet tend to prove that this has been going on for more than 34,000 years at the very least.

Well, get comfortable, assemble your favorite beverage, and stand by.  Because today we are going to be examining that evidence first-hand.

Why not start in North America?  And then go on to Europe.

The Ojibwe group of Native Americans originally lived mainly in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Ontario. For some reason the European settlers could not pronounce their name, and so they referred to them as the “Chippewa” Indians.

They are a group of Algonquian speaking tribes and were historically hunters and fishermen, since the climate in their area was too cold for farming. However, they did have summer residences where they grew corn, potatoes, turnips, beans, and sometimes squashes, pumpkins, and melons.

They currently live in the northern Midwestern United States and southern Canada, and now have the fifth-largest population among Native American peoples. They are highly intelligent, and are known for their birch bark canoes, birch bark scrolls, mining and trade in copper, as well as their cultivation of wild rice and maple syrup.

Their medicine men (scientists) formed into a society called the Midewiwin. Their Midewiwin Society is well respected as the keeper of detailed and complex scrolls of events, oral history, songs, maps, memories, stories, geometry, and mathematics.

In fact the meaning of the name for their people, Ojibwe, is derived from ozhibii’iwe, meaning “those who keep records”, and it refers to their form of pictorial writing and the pictographs that the Midewiwin society created for use in their sacred rites.

According to their oral history, seven great “miigis” beings appeared to them in the Land of the Dawn (Waabanakiing), an eastern land, to teach them the “mide” way of life. One of the seven great miigis beings was said to have become more powerful than the others and killed many of their people in the Land of the Dawn. The remaining six decided to teach them much of their culture, after driving the evil one into the ocean. After their instruction was done, these six returned into the ocean as well. Their oral history relates that if the evil miigis had been able to remain, it would have established the Thunderbird group among them. And so here we see a clear reference to knowledge of this same Thunderbird that I covered in another chapter (on ancient symbols used in modern times).

We are told in our schools and universities that the noble but savage people who previously lived where we now have our tall buildings were uneducated, and had no system of writing and thus they kept no historical records. Obviously the writings of the Ojibwe prove that this is in error.

They developed a form of pictorial writing, used in religious rites of the Midewiwin and recorded on birch bark scrolls and possibly on rock. The many complex pictures on the sacred scrolls communicate much historical, geometrical, and mathematical knowledge. The use of petroforms, petroglyphs, and pictographs was common throughout the Ojibwe traditional territories.

Another thing that the Ojibwe had in common with the Sumerians, is that they buried their dead in burial mounds. This was as a memorial, and especially for fallen warrior heroes, which is also a concept we encountered in our translation of the alien symbol on the first page of this website.

A traditional burial mound would typically have a wooden marker, inscribed with the deceased’s doodem (clan sign). Because of the distinct features of these burials, Ojibwe graves have been often looted by grave robbers. In the United States, many Ojibwe communities safe-guard their burial mounds. And of course the same thing happens in the lands of ancient Sumeria.

Petroforms and medicine wheels were a way to teach the important concepts of four directions and astronomical observations about the seasons, and to use as a memorizing tool for certain stories and beliefs.

Below is an example of that “medicine wheel” pictographic writing. And where else have we seen an ancient people using pictographic writing? Oh, yes, on the front page of this site where we examined the pictographic writing of the Sumerians – over 6,000 year old. But please take a look at this image, because I would like to demonstrate that these people did, indeed, know how to draw the shape of one of their own people, in this case wearing a bison head piece.

I provide this because the skeptics in the crowd will not like some of the other images to follow, which represent a shape that is somewhat different from that of an Earthly being, and they might attempt to claim that these early Native Americans simply did not know how to draw a human being. Which is also in error.

The next example is also from the Ojibwe people, dated at 1,000 years old, but could be older since it was done on well-preserved bark tablets after all, and of course this early dating assures us that it was created before the arrival of the Europeans on their lands. And yes, the Danish were probably in northern Canada during that same time period, but much further north. No trace of their presence has been uncovered in the areas of the Ojibwe. Thus this is not the result of cultural influence, but rather a tribal memory that we see represented here. Please examine it and we will proceed with the astounding associations that this reveals.

If you believe that some of these shapes do indeed tend to look somewhat like what we are now reporting as the “Grays”, stay tuned, because it only gets better.

You may notice that I am using images from accredited, traditional sources. Nothing that I present here has not been published and peer-reviewed by our own historians and archaeologists, and in fact they have usually been included in studies that had quite a few professional eyes on them. I have thus not “made them up”, and this can be easily confirmed. I mention this to defuse the skeptics in the crowd, because what I am about to show you is amazing.

Here is an image that was uncovered in a cave in France, some 15,000 years ago. It’s been associated with the Cro-Magnon people, who are the famous cave artists that we study in our Universities. The direct ancestors of European man.

Notice the similarities with the Ojibwe historical records? And some of the Grays of modern times?    They are quite far apart in geography, and supposedly equally far apart in time from those of our Native Americans, and yet they could have been drawn by different artists in the same tribal community.

Ready for the best part? Take a look at the following image and then I will offer the background for it.

The image is of a carving made on a bone antler from an animal that has been extinct for perhaps 10,000 or more years. It was carved into that bone by an early inhabitant in the territory of modern Spain. It was uncovered in the Altamira Caves, and is dated at 35,000 years old by our archaeologists.


And here is one image that places all of these examples on a single page for your enjoyment.



It would be difficult for anyone to claim that the influence is not very similar, even if the actual recreation is very slightly different. But given the distances involved and the 34,000 years that supposedly separates these inspirations, it is hard to argue that they were not inspired by the same idea. And what idea is that? Well, I believe that what we are looking at is what the Ojibwe referred to as their “miigis” beings. Those great sky gods who dropped down to Earth and taught early man many things. Things such as writing, expressing ideas, mathematics, geography and astronomy. And we have the same oral history worldwide to back up this suggestion.

So when we ask ourselves, on some rainy day when contemplation is heavy in the air, how is it that the pyramids of Egypt and Peru and Guatemala and Belize and Indonesia and China, all seem to follow a similar pattern of design, shouldn’t we take into consideration the idea that they may have had the same teachers? Those sky gods who came down?

I’m not here to prove the ancient aliens theory. That’s a task that will take more evidence than what I have presented here. I’m attempting to get you to think. To consider the similarities in the records and writings of our own ancestors, who observed perhaps something very similar to what we are seeing today. And to entertain the idea that, just maybe, there really is some evidence that our early ancestors, worldwide, were having visits from the star people, just like the reports that we are now receiving. As always, your thoughts, conclusions, or even your polite denials will be welcome here. Please leave your comments, and thanks again for your time.