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Reports from others, many of them workers at various underground D.U.M.B. installations that are constructed for our Military, advise us that there are extraterrestrials working for or with the human element.  Reports about the relationship between the aliens and the humans vary, but apparently they are in close contact with each other.  I happened to see one of the symbols that are supposed to appear on the uniforms of the staff at Dulce Base in New Mexico, and I thought it advisable to provide a translation of those symbols.

The following symbol material comes from people who know the Dulce underground base exists. They are people who worked in the labs; abductees taken to the base; people who assisted in the construction; intelligence personnel, (NSA, CIA; etc.) and some specific UFO inner Earth researchers. This information is meant for those who are seriously interested in the Dulce base.

This web page link below has some additional information on the bases themselves.  I do not.  However, my task is to translate their messages, symbols, and communications – that’s my part of the whole picture, and I will provide some of those answers below.

Here’s a recap of what the page above tells us about them:

Centuries ago, surface people, some say the Illuminati, entered into a pact with an “Alien Nation”, hidden within the Earth. The U.S. Government, in 1933, agreed to trade animals and humans in exchange for high-tech knowledge, and to allow them to use undisturbed underground bases, in the western U.S.A. A special group was formed to deal with the Alien beings. In the 1940’s, “Alien Life Forms” (ALFs) began shifting their focus of operations, from Central and South America to the United States.

It sounds nice, but I don’t believe any of the above is the whole truth.  Here’s what I have found in my own extensive research:

Thousands of years ago, humans and mixed-alien hybrids created a mutually secret  community, and using the alien records of our true history along with their advanced knowledge of astronomy, they have maintained their closed group through to today.

These hybrids were left behind, or chose to stay behind, when the others who had been living among us departed for home.  It’s also entirely possible that they represent part of the rebel group that wanted to make themselves into “gods” on Earth, and simply evaded rejoining the others when they departed.  This I can safely date to approximately 2700 BC, based on a myriad of evidence which I will produce later.

While they are said to have bases underground from which they work they are not “from” the underground, and never were.   The U.S. Government and Military certainly entered into agreements with aliens from space in the 1940s, but they and the Military were not let in on their tiny sliver of knowledge until then – otherwise we would have seen special weapons during WWII.   The stay-behind group and their descendants are privy to much more information that they are not sharing with our officials, and they act as the direct contact between humanity and the current crops of visitors.

Perhaps the best favor the Sumerians did for us, prior to their demise, was to leave behind a star map, if you will, pointing out where the friendly groups came from and where the really nasty ones originated.  No, it is not the names you have commonly heard (Orion, Zeta, etc) and yes I will be producing that information later (soon) as well.  There are many groups, making numerous trips from their planets to ours, both now and in the past, so it is very likely that the Orion, Zeta, and Sirius groups, as well as others, are represented as well; just not among those hybrids that stayed behind and now form a type of shadow control over our lives.

According to the reports above, each of the alien-human bases has its own symbol that they use on the buildings and on the uniform badges of the workers.  In my experience the aliens are very big on symbol usage.   The Dulce Base symbol is said to be a triangle with the Greek letter TAU, (T) within it and then the symbol is inverted, so the triangle points down. The Security Officers on and around the base wear jump-suites with the Dulce Symbol on the front upper left side.

The report claims that this was not the first underground base built with the Aliens, and others are located in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska, etc.  I have not seen those symbols and thus have not had the chance to translate them.  However, the Dulce Base logo is very clearly written in one of the earliest forms of the Sumerian language – and one that I am very familiar with.

Here is the Dulce Badge symbol as reported by observers:

Dulce Base, New Mexico

Please examine the following three characters from the ancient Sumerian language.  The first is “kak”, a triangle, and in this case upside down.   The next is “me”, and it resembles an upside down capital T.  The final image shows these put together, just as the Dulce badges show.

Ancient Sumerian symbol.

Ancient Sumerian symbol.

Sumerian symbols.


After observing these, it is very difficult to deny that these do indeed represent an ancient Sumerian compound-sign form and that they are identical to the Dulce Base badge logos.

If “kak” in Sumerian were defined as “goat milk” and “me” as “wheat”, you would not be reading this report.   Nonsensical meanings, even when put together, are no help to us in understanding what is going on.  On the other hand, the fact that the translations that I arrived at are both to the point of the theme of alien activity and clearly make common sense, points to their accuracy, purely on a mathematical chance level if no other. But my conclusions are correct and my work done in accordance with results from the publications of our learned scholars (peer-reviewed as well).

However, they most certainly do not carry those types of mundane meanings such as milk and wheat..

We need to be sure to select a meaning that fits within the timeline of the symbol writing.  Meanings that were applied thousands of years later do not help us.  So I have only chosen those that match that period (prior to 2900 BC).  And the first symbol, kak, has only one meaning that has been used during the time period in question.    However, I have a problem and I could use your help.  In regard to the second word, “me”, two meanings can be derived, and both are equally plausible.

After you examine the symbols and the supplied meanings, each of you will need to decide upon which of the two suggestions sounds more reasonable to you.  That’s the question that I have as well.

KAK = this is fairly clear.  There is only one meaning that we know of in the scholarly papers that matches the early timeline of the symbol, and that is “to build, make, to do, to perform.”

Me = has the two optional meanings – both match the timeline, and either could work in the theme that we are examining.  This is why I need your input.

Me = sorcery, magic, magician, exorcist, incantation, spell.
Me = the verb “to be”.  As in, “we are, I am, etc.”

So, we have either:          We are Building.   OR.    Making Magic.

To build could signify their construction of a position in society that eventually will take over the world as we know it.  Or the building of new homes to be occupied when completed.

Making Magic might refer to the idea that any technology, if sufficiently advanced from our own, would seem like “magic” to us less advanced people.

Some of you might wish to squirm about now.  Or some will decide to insist that I have “made this up”.  Kindly confirm everything I have provided online at the Univ. of Pennsylvania Sumerian Project or the Oxford University and UCLS combined projects.  Both the symbols and the meanings can be verified in a matter of minutes. I work with these nearly every day, and so when I saw the purported Dulce badges I recognized them immediately.  And this post follows that recognition.

What are your thoughts on the most likely answer?

And it also begs a further question: “Doesn’t this display of obvious symbols relating to one of their earlier visits to Earth seem to indicate that they are becoming very bold?”  I noticed a similar boldness with other purported alien signs.  Does this boldness indicate that their timeline for whatever they have planned (and I will share my findings in this regard soon as well), is very close to the start date?