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Artifacts on Mars?

Just a short page today on a topic of my own personal interest.

I was looking at a few of the videos produced by TheRealJimmyRoberts1 on He has a collection of images from NASA that he has published, without modification. On a few of them I saw what appeared to be the broken pieces of some type of ancient statues or idols.

I understand that we sometimes see things that our mind provides for us, but I decided to take two of the rock pieces and see if they fit into a shape. They seem to, as you
can see below:

Mars debris that looks like an ancient Idol.
Mars Rock Debris – interesting.


So I wrote him an email and asked: ” If you look at timeline 8:59 to 9:30 in your video New Info on a Top Mars Artifact, doesn’t it seem like it represents a bird idol of some type?”.

And he answered with: “Yes. And I run across as many things that look like birds as I do reptiles.”

He’s very helpful in my opinion, and a good researcher as well. He certainly puts the time in on his topic.

We are not talking about the face on Mars, although I find it more likely to be true than false, especially since NASA spent so much of our money to go look again and publish bad angle images to disprove it, but I find it telling.

Because, after all, much of our own history on Earth has been assembled by our trained archaeologists and others, who put the pieces together and try to come up with an answer. so to speak.

What do you think?