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Arnold UFO Sighting

I thought I might upload another short report – just to get you started thinking about how the powers that be seem to claim there is no such thing as UFOs, while at the same time they go out of their way to influence the reports from private citizens.

Here’s a case in point with Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot who reported a string of nine UFOs flying past Mount Rainier at speeds that he estimated to be, at a minimum, some 1200 miles per hour (1932 km/hr).  This happened on June 24, 1947, prior to the Roswell sightings, and those speeds were unheard of at that time.

This was the first post-War sighting in the United States that garnered nationwide news coverage and is credited with being the first of the modern era of UFO sightings, including numerous reported sightings over the next two to three weeks.  Others observed what Mr. Arnold did, but that tends to be buried or marginalized by the media and our intelligence bureaus.

Arnold’s description of the objects also led to the press quickly coining the terms flying saucer and flying disc as popular descriptive terms for UFOs.  So the press are responsible for the term saucer, which tended to make those who observed a table saucer flying in the skies look like morons, which was probably what the intent was.

So, supposedly there are no UFOs in our skies.  And supposedly the 1947 press was still uninfluenced by the intelligence operatives and deep state people that have infected our news media like some type of locusts.  And not in a good way.  So what about this evidence?

This is what was printed by the news media.  They had him pointing to the crescent shaped object, and this is clearly crescent shaped.

Kenneth Arnold newspaper article

But is that really what he observed just days before?

Consider your answer carefully, because below is an image of the notes that he made right after the sighting.  Do you see a crescent shape?  No, neither do I.

Kenneth Arnold UFO original report.

So my question is, who got to him?   And why go to the trouble of changing the shape to a crescent design, and allowing the word “saucer” to attach to it, if there are really no such things as UFOs, which is what we are being told by the Government bodies.

I noticed that some square-headed Skeptics have tried to say that this was a flock of geese that Arnold and the other witnesses observed, a few days to weeks later.  But we have to remember that this was before weather balloons and swamp gas were invented to explain away UFOs, so we can’t blame them for picking on the birds.  Birds that fly 1200 miles per hour?   Sure, keep thinking that if you wish.

Keep these ideas in mind as we progress forward in our adventure of discovery – I plan to add to these pages as fast as I can get more up.   There is a lot of information to examine and discuss.