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Armageddon Report:   Pimps are out, but the Prostitutes are back in !

But only if those Prostitutes are not also liars.

Does anyone really ever read the Bible?   I wonder sometimes.

I found this while doing some research on another topic. I needed to understand a specific passage from the Book of Revelations, but I wanted to have it first-hand, and not through a translation of a translation.   In this case I am not doing any translating myself, but simply showing you what the text itself says.  I use a Koine Greek dictionary as my sword, and my well-developed crap-detector as my guide.

So I found my answer in the Koine Greek original. That’s the early form of Greek, the one used to write down the earliest version of the New Testament.

It’s an interesting part that I was studying, where it explains who will and who will not be allowed to enter the Holy City or New Jerusalem, when it lands on Earth from the sky.   This is said to be God’s great city from the sky that will land and pickup the chosen ones in the last days, and bring them to Heaven, so perhaps some attention should be paid to who will be allowed to board, according to that Book from the New Testament.

Some Religions have limits on the numbers of people who will be chosen, and some even tell us that the chosen will be “raptured” up to the sky, but I leave that for others to examine, since to me the only important part is who will be allowed to go and who will be left behind.  I’m just so selfish that way.

The Book of Revelations has been extensively amended (edited) by its translation into English, and especially in the KJV, where we find, in Revelation 22 King James Version (KJV) , Verse 15:

15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

“Without” indicates the ones without a ticket so to speak; the ones standing outside the Holy City craft, watching while the chosen ones are being allowed entry.  Perhaps they may be feeling like someone left out at this point.  If only they had gone to Church more often, they consider, or perhaps been of stronger faith?  Or a decent person even.

So let’s look at those who will be left standing in the dirt on Earth, as the others depart for Heaven:

Without are the:
and sorcerers
and whoremongers,
and murderers,
and idolaters,
and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

BUT here’s the funny thing. The word they use for dogs means, in the original Greek, a man of impure mind or an imprudent man.  So not dogs as in pets, for sure, or criminals per se, but those with impure thoughts or who act imprudently, which can be defined as those not showing care for the consequences of their actions.  A*holes in other words.   And we always suspected (hoped/knew) that they would be denied admission.  And now the Book of Revelations clarifies that for us.

OK. Sorcerers, is the next group left out.   The word for sorcerers, however, is actually the Greek word Pharmakos.  And Webster’s dictionary tells us that pharmakos is from the Greek, probably an irregular form of pharmakon and that it means medicine, charm + -ikos -ic.

So this means that pharmakos or sorcerers would include physicians, pharmacists, and actually most of our traditional scientists would be included as well.  Perhaps that’s why so many of them tend towards being Atheists?

WIKTIONARY.COM, written by scientists without a ticket, tells us that the etymology is unclear, but likely from a Proto-Indo-European word meaning to cut, pierce, or scrape, as in a medicinal herb or root as something cut off or dug up. It defines it as a drug, whether healing or noxious, a healing drug, medicine, remedy, a potion, charm, spell, a deadly drug, poison, a dye, color. So that includes the homeopathic people and health experts as well.  And all those skinny, muscular types who sweat on TV for money – and we always knew they were being excluded, didn’t we?

Whoremongers, is where the KJV really goes off the rails. The Greek word is Pornos, and this is defined, quite clearly, as a male prostitute, a man who prostitutes his body to another’s lust for hire, a man who indulges in unlawful sexual intercourse, a fornicator. And its etymology is from to sell + a male prostitute. It also includes anyone who sells lust for hire, and thus the Pimp. But in no way does it include the female gender.  So prostitutes are back on the ship.

Murderers is the Greek word Phoneus, which indicates both murderers and those who commit homicide. So the drunk-driving killers have to leave, as well as the Charlie Manson types.  Our Veterans, however, seem to be safe unless they fall into one of the other categories.

Idolators, is eidololatres in Ancient Greek, and it is defined as any worshipper of false gods, and includes anyone, even Christians, who participate in any way in the worship of the heathen, especially one who attends their sacrificial feasts.  So, if you have ever participated in or celebrated Halloween, you’re out as well.  Sorry about that, Pumpkin Carver.

BUT, according to the original Greek text, this idolator or covetous man includes those who are worshippers of Mammon.   And Mammon is commonly thought to mean money, material wealthy, anything that promises wealth, and is associated with the greedy pursuit of gain. So some of our religious folk lose on this one as well, especially Billy Graham and the Popes and Cardinals, etc.
All of you rich people can suck our dust as we leave you behind.  And we secretly knew that they would be excluded all along, didn’t we – Wallmart lovers and Amazon buyers?

Liars includes those that make lies, those that sanction lies, fashion, form, bear, render, make ready or perform. So, if you have ever thought of a lie, and got ready to say it, and then changed your mind, you are still off the ship. Sorry. And this would include most politicians, judges, attorneys as well.  And all of my ex-wives, I’m sorry to say.

So, who is left?

Well, they need to fill the craft up, if it is to become the New Jerusalem. Empty seats don’t sell themselves, as they say.   Children, innocent children, would probably be the only ones that they would use to fill the huge Mountain from the Sky, (which Ezekiel and the Dead Sea Scrolls tell us is some 12 square miles, and a typo in Revelations says is a thousand times larger).

Once they enter, would any of the children return? The Bible (Revelations) says they will return as Priests, all of them. But no timeline is furnished.

Well, I for one will be waving them goodbye, I’m quite sure, since the requirements for the chosen ones seems to fall outside of my normal mode of living.  But it is certainly comforting to know that the Pimps and the Wealthy are out, and the Prostitutes are back in, (as long as they are not liars as well).

Perhaps if we all read a portion of the Bible in either the original Greek, Aramaic or Hebrew, even in a side-by-side translation into English, we would be better informed about what’s going on, and what will happen next.

I’ve spoken with quite a few people on the internet who seem very assured that they already have those tickets in their hands.  Probably fakes made in China.  Perhaps I will send them a copy of this report to make sure that they still qualify, but perhaps not – most people are extremely happy with what they think they know, and more knowledge will not result in higher intelligence.

I hope that you accept this in a spirit of understanding that I did not intend to make fun of anyone or their beliefs – I just wanted to point out that the Bible that we live by does tell us the answers that we seek – if we choose to look.

PS  It was pointed out to me by Karen, that “It is my understanding….and I could be wrong, that if you ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus, even the Liars, Idolaters etc will get into heaven. ”

And my reply was:  “Probably.   But Revelations doesn’t say this,  and that’s the one that people most often refer to when they speak of Armageddon. I agree with you, many of these supposed “rules” are silly, and not in accordance with the spirit of what Jesus taught us.  This is just my way of pointing out what’s in the good Book – in the hope that perhaps after reading my great many posts on this, some will open it up sometime and, well, read it. ”

So that’s my position on my post from today.