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Are there Ancient Images of Alien Craft? Yes

I’ve spent some time talking about the ancient texts and the way that they advise us that the alien visitors were present among them, much like they are in the world of today.

But we are constantly bombarded by Skeptics who claim that there are not reports of aliens in our past, and certainly not worldwide reports.  I find that to be somewhat hilarious, since we have those images worldwide.

So today I thought I would provide you with some examples throughout our own history on Earth that seem to depict the same types of craft that many of us are reporting as having been sited in our own fair skies.


The first or top image is from the Lenape, a tribe of Native Americans from the New York area.  Here we find that they are depicting several alien craft.

The middle image is from the Ojibwe, that I covered more extensively in another post. Highly intelligent, they had written records beginning many centuries prior to the arrival of the Europeans in American soil, and in this example they not only depict the same forms as the Lenape, but include the eight-sided star of Sumerian fame.  As you may recall, this symbol was used by the Sumerians to depict their word Dingir, with means god, goddess, deity and especially sky gods and goddesses.

And just to cement the fact that these same alien craft were known and drawn by our early ancestors, the bottom image is from a cave in France and dated to 23,000 years ago.

So here we have evidence, in writing, from half the world apart, and beginning tens of thousands of years ago, that depicts a shape that many of us are familiar with today.

Out Skeptics may need to rethink their positions.