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Ancient UFOs in Sumerian Times?

Today I thought I would share with you some ideas about ancient alien craft observed in a very early period of human civilization.  I furnish all of my work below, so none of this is “fabricated” and all of it can be easily checked and confirmed.  I mention this because previous authors have sometimes claimed to see “rockets” in the Sumerian and Akkadian texts, and that word is just not there.  It’s nowhere to be found in the lexicon of Sumeria.  But the designs are certainly there, and they are interesting indeed, as we shall see below.

The Sumerian word “Din” is defined as “to be good, to be sweet,” and also as “blood”. I believe that this refers to the goodness of the sky gods and goddesses and the fact that the myths tell us that they donated their blood in order to create the human race as a worker group. Until the flood.

Their word Gir2 is defined as “dagger, scorpion, sword, blade.” And it’s shape conforms to that idea, in that it resembles a sharp object with perhaps a handle or shaft-head..

But when it came time to create a phrase or word that would stand as their symbol for their sky gods and sky goddesses, they combined these two into DINGIR, a compound sign. But rather than combine the two symbols, as we might expect, they used a completely different symbol to designate their deities or sky gods and goddesses.

DINGIR is found on nearly all of their clay tablets, and it’s the star symbol that we find included as a prefix before the name of a sky god or goddess. It’s also used on nearly all of their artworks.

But to me it seems that perhaps it might have been meant to indicate much more, as we shall see.

Here are those symbols, in both their earliest, proto-Sumerian forms (4000 BC) and the later classical period examples (2900 BC) :

And when I began to examine these it caused me to wonder. Because I am a naturally curious person, and I like to try and dig out the “backstory” or the “why” behind something.

If the two syllable combinations that DIN.GIR can be broken down into represent the idea of good, or blood, plus a sword or dagger shape, and their combined phrases became a star shape, and all of these relate to the theme of sky gods and goddesses, are they perhaps the shapes of UFOs that were being observed in that early period of human history?

Here’s why I suggest this idea:


It certainly makes us wonder, right? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this idea.