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A 10,000 year old Anomaly Uncovered. Spider Web Lost, Orion Found.


I thought it might be a good time to share something that I discovered a few years ago. Why was I keeping this? I don’t know – it’s not like wine – it doesn’t get any better with age.

Anyway, the famous archaeologist Abbe Breuil discovered an image in a cave in Spain. He said it was a drawing of a spider web and some flies. Yes, it’s hard to believe that our ancient ancestors would have drawn something that we can see every day. So I looked more carefully and discovered what they were really trying to portray for us.

By the way, Breuil can be Googled – the PTB and the science group loves him to death. They probably won’t tell you that in addition to being an archaeologist and a Catholic Priest he was also a Jesuit and worked for French Intelligence during the War.

Another one of his “finds” from another cavern was the image that follows:

cave painting image

His notes on this image tell us: “In this Frieze of Hands image he notes that: At the far right side there is an extremely unusual and prominent pattern which consists of seven discs arranged in an arc-like shape.”

Well, perhaps it was unusual to him, but it’s the Northern Crown to me. Corona Borealis is the scientific name for this small constellation in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere.

That’s not the anomaly, just the entree. But it is amazing how they could see this drawn on a cave wall in France and not recognize the Northern Crown.

Last week I posted the location of the final judgment of God and the place where the second-coming of Jesus would occur. It’s in the lower southwest corner of modern Syria, which in Biblical times was called the country of Aram.

In the land of ancient Aram, of Biblical fame, there was a constellation that they called Nephîla’, named after the Nephilim, who are said to be Orion’s descendants. To the people of the Aram area Orion was the father of the Nephilim, whose children will be returning. Soon.

Orion.  Mentioned by the Egyptians, Sumerians, Native Americans – practically every culture on Earth had some tale about them. And the Egyptian pyramids are said to be aligned somewhat to them.

Here’s the Wakipedia image of that system:

I’ve made a few green colored notations – circles – on it, which I will explain shortly. (They help you to match these  stars with the “flies” that Breuil spoke of.

And here is a page from an archaeological magazine (public domain by the way) with an image of the cave drawing that Breuil discovered. He called it a “spider web surrounded by flies” and made comments about how sweet our dear but dense ancestors were.

Now to the right of it you will find the spider in his/her web, and to the left is what he saw as “flies”.  I can imagine cave artists taking the time to draw flies and spider webs in case we might miss them in our lives. Sure.

He discovered this in a cave (actually a shelter – sort of like a shell carved into a hill) in Spain called the Cingle de la Mola Remigle, in Castellon, Valencia, Spain. The drawings have been dated by our “authorities” at about 8,000 B.C., unless you ask the Spanish archaeologists, who date them as Paleolithic, or prior to 10,000 B.C.

I follow the 10,000 B.C. because Breuil was known to be off in his date estimates, and just because all the other scholars followed him doesn’t mean that we should.

Out of his image we find Orion here:  (I marked the three stars):

And here is the entire image, with the three stars marked but also the “spider web” to the right. Orion is not the main dish for today, although it has never been noticed before by others, but that spider web certainly is.   The large circle at the top, which fits nicely into the “eye” of the spider, is the arrangement of the principal stars that are found in the Lambda Cluster.



Here is an infrared image of the spider web, taken by NASA. Although they don’t call it a spider web but rather the Lambda Cluster. The image of the spider web can not be seen clearly without using infra-red. This image was taken from a space satellite – and I have been assured that the Lambda can not be seen with the naked eyes, binoculars, or any Earth-bound telescopes of normal size, etc.


So, my question is, how did our ancient ancestors from 10-12,000 years ago know not only about the position of the belt of Orion, but also the other stars in that constellation, and in addition the Lambda Cluster, which can not be seen by the naked eye? Perhaps the flies, or at least someone in something that flies [UAP-UFO], told them about it?

So that’s our second constellation; two clear depictions of constellations drawn by our friendly ancestors in Europe, long ago, and yet never recognized or spoken of by others previously.

By the way, in the image that I placed the large cirlces on, the 3 stars circled – those are inside of the Lambda Cluster and can be seen by the naked eye on a good night and with good eyes (less pollution in ancient times as well) but not the Cluster itself. Oh, sorry, neither the spider web nor the spider.

Have there been even older depictions of Orion on cave walls?  Yes, there is in fact one from Germany that was done on an antler bone and is said to be some 30,000 years old.  HOWEVER, it does not show the Lambda Cluster as this one does – it only shows the basic outline of the Orion group of stars.   This example of mine  is unique in that it is the only depiction of an astronomical oddity that could not have been seen by our ancestors.  At least according to the NASA and SPACE websites.

Is this further proof, in addition to the ones that I have provided in other posts, that someone much more advanced than our ancestors stood beside them and helped them to understand our Galaxy?    Yes, it does seem to be.