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Egyptian Oddities

Here’s something interesting that I found. It’s from a 5000 year old cylinder seal from Egypt.  These seals were used to prove authorship, and generally to seal correspondences between members of the upper class.

One thing that I think is important is that the markings on the side, the hieroglyphs themselves, are thought to be so ancient that our scholars have not been able to translate them or place meaning upon them.

The Artist was Anonymous , and in its description we learn:

English: This cylinder seal is of the type placed in burials. It shows a woman seated before an offering table. The images surrounding her indicate her name in very early hieroglyphs, from before the language and writing system had been fully developed.
Date between circa 3100 and circa 2900 BC
Medium soapstone

But take a look at her, what looks like,  double antenna, and the length of her arms in comparison to her body size and the other limbs.
Oh, and what looks like a  levitating UFO between the two sections of the offering table.

And the shape of her fingers.    And.     And.

Egyptian cylinder seal with strange properties

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