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Extraterrestrial Messages

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Welcome.   First, you may have noticed that this is not the typical bells and whistles type of website, since I prefer to give you hard evidence and my thoughtful conclusions and not entertain you with visual aids. You will have plenty on your plate without those distractions.

Speaking of plain vanilla, I should let you know that the easiest way to find your way around here is by using the menu links in the column to your left, or if you are using a tablet or mobile device,  by clicking on the icon  at the top right corner of each page.  I’m putting up additional content so fast that I have had no time for fancy menu creation. 

I present quite a bit of material here that I have translated from the Sumerian cuneiform, and if you would like to see what your English language input looks like in Sumerian or in Mayan glyphs, there is a link for that free program that I created on the Menu as well.

I frequently hear comments such as “why don’t the aliens contact us?”  Or “when can we expect communications from the extraterrestrials?”  And the answer to those questions is: we have!  Civilian observers of the markings found on the sides of alien craft have been recorded accurately and translated by me.  A good example is found on this very page, and even more will follow.   CE5?  We have that now!

And in addition to markings seen on UFOs, we have received communications from aliens who are trying to help us out with this Covid-19 situation – by providing suggestions for a Cure and clues to the identity of those responsible for this planned virus attack by humans.  The proof of that will be found in my recently released book: Extraterrestrial Message Could this be a Cure for Covid-19 & 21? – now on Amazon, Apple and Kobi.  Check it out when you have the chance.

There is a lot here and much much more to come, so let’s get right down to it.  Take a look at this image that was provided by an observer of a UFO that climbed out of the ocean. But not before our East Coast, USA witness drew this sketch of the symbol found on the side of the UFO, one that he asked me to translate:


Seen on the side of an Alien Craft

ALIEN SYMBOL observed on the side of a UFO as it emerged from the Ocean. We will be deciphering its meaning in the pages below.

It seems as if some of the Aliens are now using Sumerian Cuneiform in order to communicate with humanity.

The above symbol was observed on the side of a UFO, or better yet, an USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) as it left the water.  For many years the observer wondered just what the unique symbol might represent.  I was asked to translate it, and after doing so I furnished the meaning to the observer, who was most pleased to have his event confirmed and to learn of the meaning behind this strange symbol. 

It’s actually a compound symbol in that it represents two separate symbols joined together in order to create one idea or theme.  Rather than being written in the classical Sumerian cuneiform alphabet that was first perfected about 3200 B.C., this one is much older – perhaps a thousand years or more earlier, and it represents an example of what we call Proto-Sumerian, or the very earliest writings that more closely resembled pictures, rather than marks impressed into soft clay with reed stylus.   This Proto-Sumerian alphabet is somewhat harder to read and understand, but I have had quite a bit of practice with it and I have come to be familiar with its various symbols.

I decided to place this on the front page of my site, whose name tells you quite a bit about my beliefs – “Paleo”, meaning early, first, older or ancient, and especially relating to the geological past.  And Aliens, which are the theme of this site. 

In that respect the word Paleo is similar to Proto-, which has been defined as “first,” “foremost,” “earliest form of,” etc.  Paleo is commonly used as a prefix for a period of time, as in paleolithic, while Proto denotes the first of its kind – in this case the earliest form or first example of Sumerian writing.

These Proto-Sumerian symbols would frequently have been scratched onto the surface of rocks or rock slabs, but from time to time we also find them on clay tablets as well. However, when they were found on clay objects they had usually been scratched onto them and not created with wedge-shaped cane tools like the later period examples which were much more detailed. 

I should let you know at this point that I will be providing my sources for this translation – both the collection of symbols and their traditionally accepted meanings.  Unlike some other authors, I will not attempt to place any meanings on my work that are not found in peer-reviewed and published articles.  I think you will find that, while more conservative, this approach allows for the results to find agreement with professional translators, although the contents are much more interesting than anything you will find in their published journals.

And one other important consideration deserves to be mentioned here.  Why would Alien visitors to the planet Earth use the most ancient form of Sumerian when creating symbols for the sides of their craft?  I don’t necessarily believe that they still use the Sumerian language, although they may be the original authors of it, and therefore they would be the ones that taught mankind how to write it.  I believe that, much like our own Latin and Greek words, which we use in the naming of new scientific discoveries and in the naming of some of our own craft that we send into space. such as the Gemini, Apollo, Atlantis, etc., tradition may play an important part in their choice.   That is, they may use these traditional terms on the sides of their craft even though they no longer use the language in everyday communication.  However, their scientists and scholars are still familiar with that language, and perhaps it strikes a nostalgic chord with them.  And especially if we consider that perhaps they use it principally on ships that are destined for the journey back to Earth.  They may have fond memories of the days when they were worshiped as gods, for example, and who could blame them?

Now that we have that background out of the way, what does this particular symbol mean? 

This is the Proto-Sumerian sign that we transliterate as BIR3, with the number 3 indicating a third form or third way that this particular sign has been observed in the ancient writings.

I will save the translation for the end, but as we go along I intend to build upon the images until the final composite resembles very closely what the human observer had burned into his memory.

This is the symbol that makes up the right half or side of the image from the Alien craft:


This is the Proto-Sumerian symbol for their word “La2”.

And here are those two symbols placed into their composite form:


What we have so far is the Bir3, La2 symbols, and a dot placed over them, which reflects either “1” of one unit of “60”.

Let’s see those assembled together:


I have added the dot symbol that was included with the original here.  The Sumerians used a base 60 mathematical system rather than our present day base 10.  And that’s also the source for our 360 degrees in a circle or compass, the idea of sixty seconds in a minute and sixty minutes in an hour, and much more.  All inherited from the early Sumerians.  So this dot-like symbol could indicate either the number one or the number sixty.

Let’s place my compound symbol from the Proto-Sumerian alphabet below the actual symbol that our observer noted, for comparison purposes:

We can clearly see that they are indeed similar.  So what does this compound sign mean, in our English language.  We can translate this quite easily  as:

Bir3 = “people; troops”.  In a later period, the same symbol was used for the Sumerian word Erin2, meaning  “to yoke; yoke; plow team”, but we have to be careful that we translate symbols by matching their meanings to the time period when they were created, and the idea of a group of people or troops is the oldest meaning for that symbol.

La2 = “to supervise, check; to weigh, weigh (out), pay; to hang, balance, suspend, be suspended; to show, display, to press, to throttle;”

We could accept these as indicating something associated with troops, plus a number for one unit of sixty and the idea of stretching out, to press, to display or show, and we might therefore have something like “Troop Sixty, Always First In Action”.  Which would make sense if this were from the sides of an alien craft dedicated to war or for the delivery of troops in some type of military action, but that has not been reported by anyone, anywhere, as of the present time. 

However, there is an additional, equally plausible meaning to be gained from this compound sign.  When we see the terms “to supervise, to check, to weigh out or in, to pay” and the theme of “troop”, we could also have “Troop Sixty Quartermaster”.

A military (troop) Quartermaster,  in land armies,  is generally a relatively senior soldier who supervises stores or barracks and distributes supplies and provisions. He may also be in charge of any cargo that they bring back to their home planet. With the great distances separating their planet or planets from our own, this would be a very important position – because you are not going to be able to use anything that you did not bring, in all probability.  In the British and Canadian armies this position is usually held by a Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM), who would probably be a warrant officer class one or higher (WO first class). 

For many centuries the appointment of quartermaster has been significant in armies. The British Army almost invariably rewarded an outstanding RSM by appointing him quartermaster of his battalion, thus ensuring the unit had an experienced officer who knew the unit thoroughly and would prove difficult to mislead or beguile.

In order to decide whether it seems more reasonable to assign a meaning of “Troop Sixty, Always First In”, or a meaning of “Troop 60 Quartermaster unit”, we would probably need a few more examples of alien writings to aid us.  

But, not to worry, these will be coming in the future pages of this same website, as time permits.

I plan on putting up a great many examples of translations, as well as supplementary information and the true meanings of some of the earliest terms such as the Annunaki and their relationship with the Nephilim. So stay tuned or check back, if you will. 

That’s all for today, thanks for sticking through it.