To begin, please choose the language to use, by clicking on one of the images below, and this will take you to the page where you can input your choices of style and your text for translation.
There are two choices: Mayan Glyphs or Sumerian/Babylonian cuneiform.   Both will return your entered text as an image that you will be able to download right away.

The simple Usage Rules are located below.

Remember, both styles use the new 100+ characters syllabary alphabet, and your results will be the most accurate now available anywhere on the web.   Thanks for trying the program, and be sure to tell your friends !


A few simple Rules:

(1) Please allow up to 15 Seconds for your results to appear:
The programs translate your language into Sumerian or Babylonian, and then they must produce an image and load it.   It usually takes a few seconds just to load the image on my server so that you may view and download it.   Please allow up to 15 seconds before you attempt to restart the program - if there is an error in the meantime, the program will advise you.   Otherwise, you should have your image in about 4 to 10 seconds, depending on the amount of text you have entered.   Thank you for your patience.

(2) Please do not copy the entire alphabets:
All of the artwork and the perl scripts are of my own making.   The program is not designed for you to reproduce the entire syllabary alphabet for use on another website or in any other manner - please respect my copyright and use this only for personal use, unless you have my written approval beforehand.   There are limits to the percentage of a complete alphabet that you may download - after that limit is reached, you will be blocked.   Normal useage will Not be a problem.   I was forced to implement this safeguard when prior programs were repeatedly abused by other website owners who wished to take advantage of my work, without compensation of any type, and some were even used in Books sold for profit.   If you are testing the program, please type something other than the alphabet, or sentences that comprise most of the characters of the alphabet.   Thank You.

(3) Usage Limit - Each program, 5 uses per day.
You may use any of the four versions of the program up to five (5) times per day, for each version.  This is a reasonable limit, as it applies for each language and each style, so normal useage will create no problems.   This limit was implemented because this new syllabary alphabet creates a large sized image, and the Bandwidth that I pay for was increasing rapidly.   If you have a reason for more extensive useage, please use the Contact Me link and I will respond as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, or if you have suggestions or even critical comments, please use the contact button and I will respond as soon as possilbe.   If you find the need for larger groups of text, just drop me an email with your specific requirements and I will do my best to help you.

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This translation program is furnished in the hopes of furthering communication and understanding, and can be accepted or rejected as you choose; there is no charge to use this free product.  There are also no warranties, implied or otherwise, in the use, output, or results of these free programs.



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