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People have been posting all over the world about the strict measures that are being put into place against those who have not yet given up and taken the jab.  Perhaps it’s time that we remember what the word license means, and what it used to mean long ago.

Since the late 14th century A.D., the word license has been defined as a formal authorization, an official permission, a permit.  But in the sense that you receive this authorization, permission or permit from the Royal rulers or the powers that be.  It’s also been tied to the definition of  “privilege”, as in – you are one of the privileged few who the great and all powerful Poo-Bah has seen fit to allow to continue living, and to live with the ability to do this certain thing, for which the grand Poo-Bah grants you that permission.   As long as you obey all of the other set rules and conditions.   Lucky us.

This definition derives from the Old French meaning for license, which incorporates the themes of freedom, liberty, power, and possibility.  Wait a minute.  How did we go from being allowed to lick the crumbs off the floor from an earlier idea of freedom?

Well, the Latin word “licentia”, from which the Old French finds its etymology, also pointed to freedom, liberty and not only that but to unrestrained liberty.  But it also carried the meaning of “wantonness” and “presumption”.   The root of this is their “licens”, and it seems to speak of a freedom, or unrestrained liberty, but not to the point that you carry it all the way to wantonness.  And presumption has always been linked to longer phrases, such as the British saying “you presumptuous little shite!” So in that case they took the crumbs off the floor near the Kings feet and then presumed to have a license to do so every day.  What a nerve!

Our modern understanding of the word license entails something like “a formal (usually written) permission, from an authority, to do something”, and the something that they are speaking of is exampled with “marry, hunt, drive, etc.”  That meaning came about in the 15th century A.D., when the French were beginning to make serfs of the people in Britain.

So our license would be a written permission from someone in authority. But who has or will assume the authority to tell us how to live our lives, and what we choose to inject or not in our bodies, other than the rotten and corrupt governments that we live under?  Obviously they, or one of their minions, or their enforcement arms, such as the health departments and police (along with FBI, National Guard, UN Troops, etc.).

So when they stop you, and they will, and ask for your license to do whatever, or your permission to exist based on your Vaxx proof, please keep in mind that although we are likely to associate license with a card that grants freedom or permission, the definition has now changed.  Only the ones that do not have that license will now be thought of as “wanton” and “presumptuous”.  But of course that is subject to change – if enough of us wish it to be so.   And the other side of the coin is that the people with the jab will be entirely safe if they just simply stay away from us and leave us alone.

Stay safe.  Stay free.