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Part 2: An example from the Native Americans

Our own Native Americans reported contact with sky creatures on a great many occasions, and most of those stories predate the arrival of the Europeans in their lands.

Some of the oldest examples are found scratched onto cliff walls or deep inside of natural caves, like the following images of what they referred to as “Thunderbird” and “Lightning Bird”:

In addition to examples in North America, we also find this idea in Central America, and especially with the Aztecs of Mexico:

In fact they also had the “Thunderbird”, an example of which is shown above.  It makes us wonder when these images are said to depict birds or sky creatures related to thunder and lightning, which might indicate the noise and light that craft in their skies seemed to emit.   Later we find refined versions created in clay and other materials, of this same idea of flying creatures.  In this case the human-like effigies from the lands of the Aztec are found below:


From the descriptions furnished by the Native Americans, we can determine that the stories about their heavenly creature known as the Thunderbird, relate to a human-like creature as well, since in the earliest tales we are told that some of the locals were taken up to the tops of mountains by these creatures, or sky gods if you will.   Here’s a depiction of what they were describing to their descendants:

And yes, I have taken the liberty of showing what they described but with the addition of mechanisms to help explain how a human-like entity might actually have been using advanced technology to achieve the status of sky gods with the locals – and thus increase their prestige.

Of course we also find these same descriptions among the works of the early Sumerians, as the following example shows. Notice too how he is depicted with his weapons, which were said to be able to hurl lightning at his enemies.  Or, in other words, the same idea that the Native Americans informed us of:


With all of these reports of flying men or creatures from the sky, some of whom took locals on trips into the heavens, we have to wonder whether these ideas might have been adopted when modern man decided to create his own symbols.  Would some root memory from the deepest recesses of his mind have influenced his actions, when he was creating designs for more modern concepts?    Let us see.

Yes, this is a sign that we recognize quite well, since it is one of the principal logos used by our Masons, or Freemasons of the Masonic Lodges found throughout the Americas as well as in Europe.  This symbol is made up of several smaller images that depict tools used by masons to construct buildings and edifices.  They are also used by carpenters and brick masons in their everyday labors.    But how did they come up with such an odd combination of symbols?   Perhaps they did not even know that what they were proposing could actually be broken down into something that resembled the same flying sky gods idea.   Or perhaps they did, and only the higher ranks were let in on the secret.  Let me show you what I mean in the following images.

Here is that same image, arranged by me in a slightly different form.


And here is another arrangement:


But why not just provide you with the final product – which represents what this broken apart image could actually be designed to represent; which is a memory of an ancient sighting event.  If so, then was it then intentionally hidden inside of the rather bland combination of ordinary tools that we find in the common Masonic symbol?  Here it is, for you to decide:


So now we see that nothing actually changes very much with time.  We have the same representation that we found in Ancient Sumeria, the early Native Americans, and Central American Aztec peoples.  Just in a form that only those with “eyes that see” could understand.

Please understand that I have no personal knowledge that this is actually what was done. I merely use this as an illustration of how those ideas of ancient contact with Aliens, or flying sky gods as they were known then, have stuck in our minds over the many generations, and are still being brought out when it comes time for us to create our own symbols.  Modern symbols based upon ancient themes.  Are some of these being done intentionally, because their creators know that it will strike a chord of resonance or familiarity with us? Is it possible that some part of our root memories will perhaps not recognizing the symbols clearly,  but will in any case be more receptive towards accepting a proposal made using these themes?  If that is even remotely true, then mankind has truly never “gotten over” that original contact with an alien species.  And it also confirms the idea that the contact was the most important thing to happen to mankind, ever.  And perhaps still is today.  It’s something to consider.

But I won’t be stopping here.  On the next page you will find examples of how some of the modern organizations are using these image puzzles to control how receptive we are to their activities, and without us even being consciously aware of it.  Well, most of us, anyway.

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