Language means interaction, understanding, and hopefully leads to empathy.   Yet in spite of all the worldwide UFO reports, only the Alien Dropa from Tibet have shown an interest in making public contact with us.   Others have been very evasive.   Why, no one knows.   It's possible they wish to avoid a huge cultural shock.   For us.

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Our Ufo-Alien translator uses symbols furnished to us by an American Expat who lives in an area of Central America where there have been frequent UFO sightings, and some speculation that a form of terra-forming and/or the introduction of plants and animals not normally found on Earth was practised in the distant past.

He has also furnished some very old (and odd) stone carvings that I am still in the process of studying.

He's asked me not to divulge any further information about either him or his syllabic alphabet at this time.
I can tell you that he is an engineer by training.

This translation program is furnished in the hopes of furthering communication and understanding, and can be accepted or rejected at your leisure.  I fell it is a legitimate start.


areas throughout the USA where Aliens or UFO craft have been sighted.

Xenolinguistics: "the scientific study of languages of non-human intelligences.

The SETI debates have included cautionary arguments about the possibility that aliens might be hostile.
But this perspective tends to be set aside in favour of an assumption that aliens would necessarily be intelligent and motivated to communicate in a way that fits comfortably into western assumptions.

In April of 1960 the Brookings Institute report, "Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs" was presented to the 82nd Congress of the United States.
The conclusions found by the Institute and included in their report, were that "a profound negative social consequence would result if extraterrestrial contact were confirmed."

A 1968 RAND document predicted similar results.
Worldwide panic was at the top of both of their lists.
It would seem that the government had their answer and no further confirmation was necessary.
A policy of “deny and ridicule” was adopted and remains to this day.

UFO reports sometimes indicate that the aliens were speaking a language the witnesses were unable to understand.
Tall Whites are said to sound like dogs barking, while the tiny aliens were said to be speaking a Chinese-like language.
Some abductees have even provided a smattering of symbols of one alphabet or another.
Communication plays an important role for a technologically advanced civilization.
The transmission of complex ideas and concepts is more efficient through language, meant as a symbol system.
Because these various groups of aliens speak such different languages, each has 'taught' their abductees their own variety of symbols, some of which are both three dimensional and mind-stretching to comprehend.
Therefore the alphabet expressed to me by my expat friend may differ from that of others who have shared thoughts with their own flavor of aliens.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this. And if you happen to recognize the alphabet I have furnished, please help by adding any corrections or additions you may remember. I am very open to comments or criticisms.


[ Please drop me an e-mail if you can offer any constructive suggestions, correct my obvious errors or offer help in any way. ]