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My research into a possible modern alphabet using Mayan Hieroglyphics showed a lack of some corresponding letters between English or other European languages and the Mayan symbols that are available. Specifically :

(1) The letters d,f,g,q,r,v and z do not exist in Mayan.

(2) Other letters and some ligatures, also called digraphs, exist in Mayan and not in English.

I decided to use reasonable judgement to fill in the gaps.


Below are my reasons for the assignment of the various glyphs to the various letters of the alphabet:

Character for D - I used glyph T544 (K'in) as this is the glyph for day and dia, which have strong 'd' sounds and both words begin with the letter 'd'.

Character for F - I used glyph T89 (EK) as this combination sounds as close to an "f" as any I found.

Character for G - I used glyph T1011 (Gi) which actually is pronounced as "'g".

Character for Q - I used glyph T528 (Ku) as this combination sounds as close to a "q" as any I found.

Character for R - I used glyph T60.1042 (ja'-o-b'a) because this is the glyph for "are".

Character for V - I used glyph T100bV15061 (WE) pronounced similarly to "v"

Character for Z - I used glyph T5076 (tzi) because it is pronounced "z".

For the Punctuation Characters, I simply chose a glyph that resembled, somewhat, the punctuation mark.   For the rest of the alphabet, and the numbers from zero to nine, I used the available glyphs.

Latin1 includes most West European languages, such as:

French (fr)
Spanish (es)
Catalan (ca)
Basque (eu)
Portuguese (pt)
Italian (it)
Albanian (sq)
Rhaeto-Romanic (rm)
Dutch (nl)
German (de)
Danish (da)
Swedish (sv)
Norwegian (no)
Finnish (fi)
Faroese (fo)
Icelandic (is)
Irish (ga)
Scottish (gd)
and English (en)
Afrikaans (af) and Swahili (sw)
thus in effect the entire American continent
plus Australia and much of Africa.


[ Please drop me an e-mail if you can offer any constructive suggestions, correct my errors or offer help in any way. ]