Name: Albanian Crips ( Initals A C )

Color(s): Blue

Affiliation: Crips & Albanian Gangsters

Ethnicity: Albanian

Alias(es): Chaldean Folks & All Crip gangs

ENEMIES: Any Blood gang

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A Black Sun will rise on the last days of time.


When you live out here in these streets,
Ĉan't survive with just a ฿luff!
When someone pushes, you push
You show the enemy that you're tough!

an't survive out here alone!
฿e dead ฿
y noon tomorrow!
That's why we HOMIES sti
k together,
ause this life is full of sorrow!

We're prote
tin' what is ours.
We make sure we have
We make the rules and regulations,
to prove our point, we sometimes ro
k and roll!

We HOMIES have a
and each
ZIN they can depend-
That they'll never
e out there alone,
or find themselves without a friend!

We party, fight, and drink together.
Sometimes we even die!
A dead
ZIN is not forgotten!
We live our
ODE, "EYE for an EYE!"

So if one of our HOMIES is taken out,
someone else's HOMIE has got to pay!
When we show up in their hood,
they know someone's gonna die today!


Albanian Crips are relatively new members of the Neighborhood Crip Logs and said to have begun in 1997 from a group of kids around 6 mile street on the east side of Detroit. Exremely violent, most are age 16 to 22 and some older. Albanian Crips have their own alphabet and signs. They are separated into two groups of crime activities such as Drug-Dealing and Drive-By actions. This gang continues to grow day by day and may be the most royal gang on the east side of Detroit.

Crips usually identify with the color blue in several different shades and usually wear a blue rag or handkerchief as an identity item. They often wear jogging suits and tennis shoes, professional sports team jackets and caps bearing the names of Los Angeles teams, and sometimes Adidas sweatshirts. They also may wear Dickey brand cotton work pants or bib-style overalls. Nike and British Knights shoes are also popular.

Crips refer to each other as "Cuzz" and use the letter C to replace the letter B in their conversations and writings. They have an intricate communication system which involves not only graffiti on walls which mark their particular territorial boundaries, but also the use of hand signals (flashing), displaying their colors, and wearing selected athletic clothing. The initials BK represent their status as "Blood Killers."

Crips seldom wear tattoos, and their graffiti represents past or future gang activity.Crips gangs are found in nearly every city in the United States and have been identified in several foreign countries.The most prominent traits of Crips are individualism and maintaining a commitment to foster violence upon other gangs. The Crips rivalry with the Bloods gang presents a likelihood of violent encounters between members.


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