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Agartha, sometimes called Agharta, is the name of a Kingdom that is believed by many to be located in the Center of our own planet Earth.

The idea of a hidden world beneath the surface of the planet earth is a very ancient one indeed.  There are innumerable tales and oral traditions found throughout many countries speaking of subterranean people who have created a kingdom of harmony, contentment and spiritual power.

The early European travellers to Tibet consistently told the same tale of a hidden spiritual centre of power.   Adventurers recounted fantastic tales of a hidden kingdom near Tibet.

Agarta is said to be a mysterious underground kingdom situated beneath Asia and linked to the other continents of the world by a gigantic network of tunnels.   These passageways, partly natural formations and partly the handiwork of the race which created the subterranean nation, provide a means of communication between all points, and have done so since time immemorial.   According to the legend, vast lengths of the tunnels still exist today; the rest have been destroyed by cataclysms.   The exact location of these passages, and the means of entry, are said to be known only to certain high initiates, and the details are most carefully guarded.

The Society of Agartha is located in the Earth's core, beneath an outer shell about 800 miles thick.   Shamballa (also known as Shambalah) is said to be its capital city.   The paradise of Shamballa is known under many different names: It has been called the Forbidden Land, the Land of White Waters, the Land of Radiant Spirits, the Land of Living Fire, the Land of the Living Gods and the Land of Wonders.

The Tibetans refer to the cities of Agartha as Shamballa and have believed for centuries in their existence as reservoirs of ancient knowledge and advanced technology.   The inhabitants of Agartha are said to have scientific knowledge and expertise far beyond that of the people who live on the surface of the planet, lost technology from the days of Atlantis.   Others say that the Mayans may have gone into this location as well, as an explanation of their disappearance.

In an article entitled "The Hollow Earth: Myth or Reality" Brad Steiger writes of the legends of "the Old Ones," an ancient race that populated the surface world millions of years ago and then moved underground.   "The Old Ones, an immensely intelligent and scientifically advanced race," Steiger writes, "have chosen to structure their own environment under the surface of the planet and manufacture all their necessities."

"The Old Ones are hominid, extremely long-lived, and pre-date Homo sapiens by more than a million years.   The Old Ones generally remain aloof from the surface peoples, but from time to time, they have been known to offer constructive criticism; and it has been said, they often kidnap human children to tutor and rear as their own."

Shamballa the Lesser, one of the colonies, is also the seat of government for the network.   While Shamballa the Lesser is an inner continent, its satellite colonies are smaller enclosed ecosystems located just beneath the Earth's crust.   Cataclysms and wars taking place on the surface drove these people underground.

According to Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre of France, the secret world of Agartha and all of its wisdom and wealth will be accessible for all mankind, when the Anarchy which exists in our world is replaced by the Synarchy.   Saint-Yves gives a description of Agartha in his book and says it is situated in the Himalayas in Tibet.   There are various other ideas about where this society is located, including the Kunlun Mountains of China, but it is often placed in central Asia, north of Tibet.

Some modern day scholars think that there is an entrance to the underground kingdom of Agartha accessible from polar openings located at 84.4 degrees North and South Latitude.
(See Image Below)   These openings lead into the hollow interior of our planet.


Have others shared these beliefs ?

Are our own Native American Indians descendents of a race of Subterranean Dwellers ?