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As you have probably guessed by now, keywords are very important to Kindle Authors on Amazon. They should be used in your Title, your Blurb, and inside your Books, to help promote your work to the public. You could use the keywords that you would normally use for Search Engine Optimization, but why not take advantage of a free service that offers words you may not normally think of ?

Everyone can, and should, use a thesaurus. Synonymns are helpful, but they don't really give you what you need to entice your customers - the title that they are searching for! To provide the powerful words that we need, I have used a lexical database to dig out words that are triggered by your input word, but would not normally appear in a list of synonymns. Instead it brings out relationships between words and concepts, and continues with words related to each. I'm speaking of, for example, the word 'teacher'. This program furnishes trigger words such as 'books', 'school', 'kids', 'students', 'parents', etc., which are triggered by the word teacher, but are not normally found in the list of synonymns for the word teacher.

For the professionals in the crowd, ["it's a reference system whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory and relationship concepts."]

In addition, I have added the most popular search inputs for movie titles, with search phrases that are linked to your input word. These phrases are the most popular ones entered by customers, when searching for a motion picture related to your subject. Think about that for a moment... These are the words that "Your" customers, the ones that are currently searching for a good book to read, believe to be the most relevant for "Your" subject. Many movies use adaptations of published books for their scipts. The titles themselves contain the powerful phrases that some movie studio probably paid big bucks for an advertising genius to come up with. This will offer you short, two or three word phrases you might use in your book title. Shorter titles are better, according to some contributors on the Kindle boards.

Together these will give you a list of words to "Jump Start" writers block, come up with a book title, or help when you are writing your blurbs.

By placing your customer's own search terms in your Book Title or Blurb, you will be using the most current and valuable words possible. By using related words and concepts, you can construct powerful paragraphs for your Blurb.

It's a wonderful tool to make more money. It's Free for any Kindle Author, however please do not abuse this program - it limits you to one search every 10 seconds, and 15 searches per day in order to comply with the Terms of Service.

Have fun with it, and if it helps you, please tell your friends! Thank you.

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