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… About this Web Site

I’ve been quietly studying the evidence about extraterrestrials and their Earthly visitations, using all of the ancient sources available to us, for the past 15 years. In addition to ancient sources I have been able to unravel the methods that the aliens use to communicate, and learn what they say about themselves.

I have six years experience as a Cryptographer, trained by the US Navy, and I worked with a Top Secret SPECAT (special categories) clearance during that time.  But that was awhile ago, and since then I have absolutely zero connection with any part of any Government or Military body of any type. In fact, most of my research time is spent in exposing their various games.  But the training does help when I work on solving the puzzle of who we are, how we got here, and what’s coming next.

I believe that is its now time to share this information with the public. I know that we are now ready to accept the truth, and to accept our position in the Universe as well.  So learning that Aliens and UFOs are real will not upset us.  Well, most of us.

The truth is that we are not the center of the Universe, nor are we the stars of that show. But we deserve to learn all of the amazing truth about our own part in it.  And I will do my best to provide that to you.  I only ask for your honest comments, good or bad, and a nudge from time to time in the direction that you wish to learn more about.  I have thousands of pages of private research done, by myself, and I am willing to share that information with those that care, so that “eyes that see” will find an expansion of their positions in this great creation that we enjoy.