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The Truth about our History is being Rewritten

I normally write nonfiction books that reveal hidden truths and provide greater detail about interesting events that impact upon all of us. However, I was compelled to publish a Science Fiction novella of 18,500 words, because the story just needed to be told. All of the books are available for the Kindle reader from, your Home Computer, mobile phone, iPad and other devices. These books may very well change the way you view the world !

My first book, a Sci-Fi invasion survival, with a twist, titled 'ALIEN PUPPETS: The Recovered Notebook Of An Alien Invasion Survivor' has been published, and the next to be published very soon will be 'Alien Message Decoded: A Cure for Covid-19?.', so look forward to that one also.

My hobby is Ancient Languages, especially those that are thought to be 'dead' languages. In order to keep them alive, I have created an exclusive set of programs to translate your language into Mayan or Sumerian. Everyone will enjoy the 3D Mayan and Sumerian Syllabary Alphabet translation programs, a FREE service that translates English to either Maya or Babylonian, and with either our unique 3D look, or expressed in an extra large font image. All translated words appear in a single image that you can download. This translator is the most accurate available on the internet today, and features a syllabary alphabet, rather than the normal A-Z translation.

In the meantime, I'm busily finishing some more books, and the research that I have uncovered is simply amazing. A real history changer. However, I always have time to answer your questions or comments, and I will do so at the earliest possibly opportunity.

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All of the content is suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Jim Duyer

The AntiChrist Twins

This apocalyptic book speaks of the actual origins of the coming AntiChrists and provides proof that there will be two areas that will be known as the birthplace of the coming children of Lucifer. Now in process.

Learn More Soon.

Messages from Space

I have managed to decipher the Fast Burst transmissions, five in total and the message contents will amaze you!

Work in progress.

The Dropa Conspiracy

This exciting conspiracy story is done, and I plan to release it soon.

Complete and ready for publication.