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I normally write nonfiction books that reveal hidden truths and provide greater detail about interesting events that impact upon all of us. However, I was compelled to publish a Science Fiction novella of 18,500 words, because the story just needed to be told. All of the books are available for the Kindle reader from Amazon.com, your Home Computer, mobile phone, iPad and other devices. These books may very well change the way you view the world !

My first book, a Sci-Fi invasion survival, with a twist, titled “ALIEN PUPPETS: The Recovered Notebook Of An Alien Invasion Survivor” was recently published, and the next to be published very soon will be “The Dropa Conspiracy – Aliens and the Tibetan Roswell.”, so look forward to that one also.

My hobby is Ancient Languages, especially those that are thought to be “dead” languages. In order to keep them alive, I have created an exclusive set of programs to translate your language into Mayan or Sumerian. Everyone will enjoy the 3D Mayan and Sumerian Syllabary Alphabet translation programs, a FREE service that translates English to either Maya or Babylonian, and with either our unique 3D look, or expressed in an extra large font image. All translated words appear in a single image that you can download. This translator is the most accurate available on the internet today, and features a syllabary alphabet, rather than the normal A-Z translation.

I just finished a representative alphabet for the Dongba or Naxi Script of Tibet. This is found under the menu item TIBETAN Magic, as this script was used by the Bon Priests of Tibet to record their Magical formulas and their secret communications. There are less than 200 people alive today who can write in this ancient language, and I believe it to be the one used to inscribe the heiroglyphical markings on the Dropa Disks from the famous Dropa Crash in the mountains of Tibet, reportedly some 12,000 years ago! Full details will be found in my upcoming nonfiction book titled The Dropa Conspiracy: Aliens of the Tibetan Roswell, which will be available on Amazon.com very soon. Take a look at this newest translator, and check out the book details on the Quick Menu bar. Your Comments are appreciated.

In the meantime, I’m busily finishing some more books, and the research that I have uncovered is simply amazing. A real history changer. However, I always have time to answer your questions or comments, and I will do so at the earliest possibly opportunity.

I hope you will enjoy your visit. Please share your Comments or Suggestions, to make the site even better. And don’t forget to let your friends know!

All of the content is suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Jim Duyer

The Alien Dropa Disks – hieroglyphics translator.

Please check out my latest translation program – a Free translator for English or other European langages into the Dongba or Naxi script of Tibet. I believe that this was the script that was described as a hieroglyphic style of markings, that was engraved on the Dropa Disks, found in a cave in the mountains of Tibet. These disks were supposedly the work of
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